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Approved Log My 2023 Testosterone Masteron Trenbolone Cycle Log

Hahahaha Girl please so dramatic. 🤣

In my defense these were all super setting and 60 seconds rest…. I couldn’t breathe.
Very nice
You are an important part of the Forum
WAIT !! BroBros I have a survey question

I’m using the tanning at planet to get my base tan and ( I’m super white so tan just mean Less white) I been going naked but I’m thinking the ass ran lines are hotter.

So in the booth:

A. Go Naked all one color?


B. Speedo to highlight the white ass

I wonder what @BodyMonster34 prefers?

I’m thinking tan lines for highlighting is best
this speedo Or i could get more of thong line


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at the end of the day if you aren't enjoying the social scene then cut the cord
Yes Sir well kidding by being here I’d be better off having out with nice shredded sexy gym bros like here instead of my own obnoxious peers. lol But then I wouldn’t get any action either. So. Gottta have that. 😂

Ok Bros I’m really late for gym I need to make these abs obey.
Fuck. This is what happens every day if my life. I’m so late for gym now it’s it even worth going. And I have t even cooked my meat and Oreo and made something to to take to work for lunch a dinner and I have a ten hour shift
By the time I get to gym I’ll have exactly 45 minutes. Or I stay home and cook and clean the house it’s an ovary again. And make lunch.

Or go to the gym and do a pointless work out and then grab frozen food tontske to work.

There’s so much shit at home that needs to be done too.

What good is a 20 minute treadmill and ten ab reps gonna do
Ok BroBtis here’s todays quick but better than nothing “ ass and abs” work out at planet

4 sets x 20 reps per leg, glute kickback machine at 85lbs

4 sets of 20 reps each - front, side, side, on ABcoaster
240 total reps

4 sets x 20 reps good girl bad girl machine at 45 pounds ( gotta be ready for @BodyMonster34 )

That’s it. It was a quick 30 minutes

If your headed to gym or beach right now here’s some hi NRG beat but start it at 10:00 and wait for Kiki to drop.



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Bros even better than the muscle party ( I love to imagine all you amazing brobros crashing this party and making those second rate muscle boys cry 😂 ) … by far… is the upcoming Palm Springs trip. Where I wish you could be enjoying the pool and hot desert sun under the palm trees. Gels nice.
Apparently you can exercise there too. I watched this 7 times to make sure I memorized it

if you had a cheat day then let it go but eat good the rest of the week
This wasn’t a cheat day. I didn’t enjoy it this was a Emotional crash and burn depression stuff my face day. Cheat days I can plan and manage. This is just a doomsday. 😂 😂
if bodymonster went with you he would end up in jail along with you cause he would be picking fights lol

also love that fishing preserve. i would LOVE to live where you are at. beautiful and best of all. NO PEOPLE!
We should start a gofundme and pay for body monster to be SF bodyguard for this party, he would absolutely fuck shit up 😂
@SFDom415 thats a beautiful walk bro :)

you fit right into a muscle party pump it

anavar shouldnt make you aggressive bro, you sure its not tbol?

you look MUSCH leaner on the training, way leaner I can see real progress bro
if bodymonster went with you he would end up in jail along with you cause he would be picking fights lol

also love that fishing preserve. i would LOVE to live where you are at. beautiful and best of all. NO PEOPLE!
Well Sir you better come out here and visit then. I have barely scratched .01 percent of what’s here’s here. We have parks on top of parks intops preswrvesnon top of regional morals on top of state parks on top of national parks. And national seashores and even two major volcanos and Yosemite. If you go to Yosemite you will be awestruck. I grew up with the Sierra in my back yard but even I was in awe when i finally went to Yosemite.
it just not something to miss. Please see it
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