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Approved Log My 2023 Testosterone Masteron Trenbolone Cycle Log

My walk place was meh, won’t go there again.Sirs. There’s much nicer spots. Canadian goose sh-t everywhere lol. I thought they were snorting piles of meth but maybe it was bread crumbs😂


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Today Sirs, was “murder the client” day at the gym I guess Dan is tired of me obsessing over my fat. So there was no bench press….
The only lift was the hexagon leg thing. Then the rowing machine and then this bish made me jump rope. Ok as much as I can be a little sissy I do NOT know how to jump rope😂😂. It was ridiculous till I got the hang of it. I just couldn’t freakin breathe. The nearest hospital is 5 minutes away.

We did some kind of “ rounds” let’s call them

“ death rounds” I had to….. with no real rest in between… go from 50 jumps to 300 meters of rowing to ten hexi leg things In a limited amount of time x 5 rounds or until the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling.
Now. I’d like my abs delivered by the end if the day. Then he gave me meat stick for a treat at the end. Wasn’t even a big one.


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no need for phentermine man. if it worked nobody in america would be obese
Ok is winstrol oral ? I’m sure anavar is.

So week of April 8 will be the half way mark wkth 6 weeks left perfect for a 6 week cycle

So should I try anavar wins or Tren wins

Finish up my test /mast/ Tren

300 Test per week
400 masteron
300 tren

Switch to

300 test
300 tren
20 winstrol ( oral )

I love the Tbol cuz it makes me crazy 🍑 🍆
So hopefully winstrol will too.

I’ll look at the source you suggested Sir.
@SFDom415 tbol is good but winstrol will help you shred up more

Ok that’s it with the phentermine. No more.
Three days and all I’ve done is chew the crap out of my tongue till it’s sore. It’s just like meth.

Here’s fat me displacing water in Lake Tahoe. They had to open the spillway🙀 And then whitewater rafting (or drowning in) the American.
thats super nice! perfect
dont touch meth bro :)

March 8 Day 18 of 90
Morning weight 186 No progress
After starving to death for 18 days there’s zero progress other than all my gains in my chest and arm thickness have evaporated so I lol like I’ve never set foot ina gym.
Thisis how this goes everyone I’ve tried this. No or egress and at the end I look Exaclty the way I did last month and last year. no gains no fat loss no a tiger year older with more wrinkles.

Yes I am committed to this 90 day commitment and o it’s not going to result in anything.
How I can watch my diet tske sterold work with a training soend a fortune and look exaclty the same at the just a big fat fail.

I also over slept because I quit the phentermine that stuff was messing me mora of that !!

Goals today

-morning walk and pics
-organize the pills in the pill
organization device
-Train at 1230-130 with Danners
-log food
-post yesterday’s food
-post today’s workout
-Early to work for an interview to move
upstairs into railroad operations No
more effing
customer service!!.
wish me luck.

Morning look👇 pointless
Skinny ass toothpick arms
keep working on the arms, POWER TOP it

Ok BroBros
Yesterday’s food log and todays food pics
No donuts or Jack in the Box in sight. 💪
no donuts perfect no junk food
perfect day stepping it up
@SFDom415 tbol is good but winstrol will help you shred up more

thats super nice! perfect
dont touch meth bro :)

keep working on the arms, POWER TOP it

no donuts perfect no junk food
perfect day stepping it up
🥰your support is keeping me in line Sir. I’ll be skeptical about the belly fat… we will see how it goes.
🥰your support is keeping me in line Sir. I’ll be skeptical about the belly fat… we will see how it goes.
@SFDom415 you have our support, dont worry you will get results PUSH IT
Very nice pictures that looks amazing
very nice scenery to post
you should have ate one of those geese that's good protein
haha just kidding those things are pretty cool
donuts for sure are a killer
just look at cops and how fat they are LOL
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