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Approved Log My 2023 Testosterone Masteron Trenbolone Cycle Log

your body retains water and get inflamed after eating man. its pretty normal but it could also be a food intolerance you aren't aware of with something you are eating.

take a look at the FODMAP food chart and see if anything you are eating could be a culprit. even a little garlic or onion added to a sauce can do it
Ok I figured . Also need more fiber. Since I changed to the clean diet it also put my whole system out of whack.
Good morning BroBros hope all of you are having a great weekend.

It’s 9am out west and time to get started.
Sunday Funday Playday
Skipping brunch and vodka and going straight for the 🍑After coffee and my fasting walk of course and after a light vanity pump at Planet or the home weights. Better to use gym plus the free tanning but trainer Dan has to approve it from now on.

Day 34
Morning weight 188 ⬆️

Eat clean
Have fun

Thank You Evo Kings
morning tight👇


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@SFDom415 fasting is hard but you did it right, stay strong and SUPER good weather bro

nice day but next time swap the oranges for berries if you can with your budget like blueberries

you know thats usually digestion aka fiber, if you add some fiber psyllium husk bloat will go down in the PM
Would that be like some Metamucil hey they have gummies! Perfect. And they have them at Costco.


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try different things with your diet you'll figure something out
Bros on a day it happens post up exactly what you ate for the day that would be helpful
include any sauces or anything that you added as well
it could be fiber issues but it could be also some food allergies as the guys have said
🔆Thank you🔆 Sugar and wheat products def bloat me almost immediately. My two favorite things of course lol.

I’ve been eating two oranges and usually an apple everyday.
A cold orange will stop my Dr Pepper cravings.

I’m gonna get a fiber supp today and try that. 🙏
Bros on a day it happens post up exactly what you ate for the day that would be helpful
include any sauces or anything that you added as well
Ok I can do that today. I haven’t had anything but coffee ( with fat free vanilla coffe mate) so far.

I can the the belly tight but when I relax
Meh. 😑

Inwil say my ass is finally starting to perk up and thrilled to see that. A ways to go. Lunge lunge lunge I guess. Or move the belly fat to the backside.
I’m so late as usual I’m skipping extracurricular gym. I’ll use the home weights abd a push up for a quick vanity pump. Instead. My fiends found some top so I’m not eating and will just make this a fasting day. Then see how belly looks tonight after no food for 12 hr 💪💪
Then tomorrow I’ll monitor the creation from each food I eat one by one
Might as well do some Tren and Tbol to boost the fun.💪
……. Pre home lift………,..…👇


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pre party mini pump

Sink push ups 85
Front dumbell squat 20
Tricep thing 20 ( overhead )
Bar curls 20
Standing press 20
And some back things nit the front raises the other one like a fly with dumbbells 20

And as usual I shoukd have left home two hors ago😑


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Would that be like some Metamucil hey they have gummies! Perfect. And they have them at Costco.
@SFDom415 gummies have sugar will make you more bloated. Metamucil is fine if sugar free but its expensive vs raw psyllium husk, if you get NOW foods or some brand like that psyllium husk powder it doesnt taste good just like grass but its 5x cheaper than metamucil and gives better results.

if you check @s.gentz log he started higher fiber specifically psyllium husk, he takes in HIGH protein but has less bloat and issue
Well today did not go well and I’m sittin in a dive bar eating Carne Asada fries wi/guac. Bro
just wasted my time. My one day I had. Oh well. Now what. Go home to log my food, measure my waist and watch golden girls. And try not stuff my face with chocolate. And chocolate is Exactly what I want this very minute. Why am I wasting my time trying to look for these …@&$€ when they gonna run me in circles and waste my time. The only reason I’m not going to die in a fiery crash In the tunnel is cuz I’m getting a chocolate milk shake .on the other side.


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Try adding some metamucil caps if you need extra fibre. It is what I do. Good for cholesterol too.
Yes Sir, I can experiment with some things. A guy at the eagle told me about a specific type of fiber pill.

And really I find that consistent daily oatmeal … will flatten my belly. And it tastes good. But gotta be everyday👈

there’s def progress and the walks are helping a lot. Whoever suggested the fasting walks.. brilliant… Even thru the frustrations I’m determined. 🔆Evo Is literally the most healthy stress free sane place I have.🔆
Sunday food Fasting (attempted)


2 ounces chicken breast
1 banana

1 oz vodka
8 oz water

Carne asada fries(beef cheese avocado potato)
1 lb green seedless grapes
1 cup plain oatmeal
1/2 cup raisins

No processed food
Some fat
No added sugars
No gluten
No bloating

Lost 2 pounds since this morning. 🙀
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