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Approved Log My 2023 Testosterone Masteron Trenbolone Cycle Log

bro looking good I liked you before when you are fatter though I like my men big, but now you more healthy
Monster.. we had this talk before. You’re in charge. if you want me thick then I’ll get thick just for you. You know that already. 💜 you want me hairy or shaved ?
ask Mobster for his opinion too lol
Monstro says shave and oil up and you will look sick
I understand Montro’s position on this but… one, I don’t think I look good smooth… Unless I’m going in a whole opposite direction than what I’m going for here and as much as they like that they like this better. I have to give the people what they want babe, and they prefer the boots over the heels.🤷
bodymonster would have his way with you in prison lol
Oh Bros…. I still holding him to that barn invitation. I got my cowboy hat and neckerchief right here with my plane ticket. He can even keep his boots on.
You’re leaning out brother
I feel tight but the bloating is just a nightmare
I’m working with various fiber solutions to see if I can control also I need to remember my Anastrozole I heard it’s half a tab twice a week? Anyone know if that correct? I think that’s an estrogen thing. (‘Prob why I cry when bros say nice things to me lol😂)
Bros oh definitely we want you shaved at least to see what you got on your that bed of hair LOL
Bros I let a Guy shave just around my nips not long ago… … ( I was high on meth and let him shave a couple things)… still hasn’t fully grown back to match so .. to remove it all … would not only be a massive project but if it didn’t grow back right… the boys would revolt and y’all don’t wanna take up that slack so.. nope.

Maybe… big MAYBE … if I get to my goals… Ill ask my my barber to trim it tiny bit. No one else is coming near me with clippers ….. 😝


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Day 38

Todays work out
chart and pics

SFGMC at Davies Symphony Hall tonight

Skipped one meal with a meal replacement bar today

Making lean
💪meatballs and rice for dinner💪


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You should also start doing vacuums and just be aware to tighten your core alot more during the day. Of course you do have estrogen issue I think which is normal with the gear your on. Do you fart alot?
You should also start doing vacuums and just be aware to tighten your core alot more during the day. Of course you do have estrogen issue I think which is normal with the gear your on. Do you fart alot?
Also trainer has had me working in more core… standing press rather that sit for instance … working it in wherever we can😎
BroBros… Lean bbq flavored meatballs and rice 🙀
And Krazy Kat So helpful when I’m trying to get dressed to go out. Pics from symphony hall later 😘


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🥰thank you for letting me hang out here🤗Bros keeping me in line and that’s a big deal.🙏🙏.

Ok gotta get up eat and get to gym early for a big push. I’m playing hooky from work for a few days before I start the new position. We have SFGMC show tickets tonight, I have my dungeon party for charity tomorrow night, and Easter in Delores Park Sunday with the “ hunky Jesus and foxy Mary contest.
Maybe I’ll grow my hair long and enter the hunky Jesus contest next year when im all shredded lol. And if I’m not looking hunky enough by then I can enter the foxy Mary contest insead 😜 one way or another I intend to be a star. 🌟
@SFDom415 no need to grow long hair, you have nice hair and a nice body you stay powerful and pump it hard.
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