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Approved Log My 2023 Testosterone Masteron Trenbolone Cycle Log

How much Brotein Bros. I don't have an exact answer but it seems the google is saying generally 150g per day.
at 59, 5'9 and 187lb🐺

Meanwhile im watching these pic scrolls at the Botton of the page ( mainly to look at the sexy muscle 🥰) but also some very delicious looking meals Bros have made...but. im seeing pasta... wtf. if I eat pasta ill be a 1000 pounds overweight. Then I just saw this amazing buttery grilled cheese sandwich with tater wedges. Why do they get That and I don't. Im filing an official complaint.:ROFLMAO: Bros just going around eating grilled cheese sandwiches in front of me.😡
Meal Prep. These do help when I’m running late. About 50 grams of Brotein.

A little belly today only because I ate a beef and lamb gyro in the city These guys put plenty of meat in it
( they should for 15 bucks) While my work out today didn’t seem like much I still feel it, cuz I did ten sets super sets bi tri
I just have to go when it’s not crowded and find my corner out of the way.

The anavar gave me one of those cramps when I was flexing in the mirror.
Another solo trip tomorrow
@SFDom415 Great job man....amazing log.......
make your own grilled cheese sandwich with raw cheese and natural bread
they used to give us grilled cheese sandwiches at work for lunch and everyone would throw them out
I think you have a good sense of what you need to do it's all about following through now
also on the protein what you're getting is plenty in my opinion some people will say more though
I used to eat grilled cheese sandwiches from Hooters and would get sick after LOL
I stayed at hooters hotel in Vegas once with friends. Yes NO thanks .never again.
I make the best grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough with velveeta cheese. And some tomato soup to dip in. Mmmm so good on a rainy day. I’ll make you one.
Monstro says stick with Mediterranean diet it's clean
That’s one I really like anyway so I can happily add more med food. I’m addicted to Kalamata olives and feta cheese.
I think you have a good sense of what you need to do it's all about following through now
also on the protein what you're getting is plenty in my opinion some people will say more though
Yes Sir The hardest part is that I don’t actually believe I can look like any of you. It’s just not possible at my age. Starting this late fro scratch. So while I will be in decent shape A Bro body is impossible and that makes me want to quit or skip up. It’s the hardest part of the equation. I imagine that maybe next year I have a bro body. But it’s not really in the cards.

I’ll keep going just in case.. but.. it impossible forme to look like any of you. But I’ll keep going .
Ok Sur gets my assignment better get my ass up and get to planet
Superset the following:

10 sets
Bench Press - 10
Lat Pulldown -10

Rest 90 sec between ea superset


3 Sets
Machine chest flyes - 12 reps
Seated Close grip cable rows - 12 reps

Rest 60 sec between superset

On the Bench press lat pulldown I may use a machine equivalent if it’s crowded because they are far enough start I’m not sure I can reserve both spots going back and forth

I’ll figure it out

Ok let me take my pre Oh damn I forgot my Anavar I’ll take it now..
and my pre and head over

Here goes 🤷

I gotta steal some of hubby’s gym shorts they fit shorter and tighter in me.


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if you can stick to a solid diet you'll notice that he's changed down the line
Bros you should throw in some fasting too
Y’all are just brutal with the food Sir. None of my rough leather play comes close to the the pain and endurance of a Bro Diet

“ first they forced me to eat chicken breast everyday , then they made me go hungry for 24 hours! Gasp “girl what howd you do it” “ well I ate an orange and pretended it was a
hot fudge sundae then I drove by the taco truck and inhaled hard as I could”
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