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Approved Log My 2nd pct log

Called my doctor for my blood results my test was 820 after one week on clomid he wasn’t on his computer so he will send the results later to me and i will post it here thank you guys for everything
Looking forward to it
Finally back on track with my diet
Hit chest,triceps,shoulders today
Took 25 clomid and 20 nolvadex

Gonna call my doctor later for my blood results they are probably not that accurate because i was already 6 days on my pct

Thank you guys for everything its been hard for me mentally but talking to you guys helps allot thanks
@Tyler36 looking at your situation, when you say back on diet? whats the diet share with us what you eating

and the clomid, drop it for now just use nolvadex
do you have a test booster? we suggested you get hcgenerate but you keep ignoring us
nolvadex + hcgenerate is your move

Called my doctor for my blood results my test was 820 after one week on clomid he wasn’t on his computer so he will send the results later to me and i will post it here thank you guys for everything
@Tyler36 820 testosterone on what range is he telling you this? how about LH FSH?
clomid and nolva you can run together
just lower the dose
I saw a tv program one day about young guys in their teens, early 20s, not doing steroids, and having erectile problems. What were the causes? First, they thought that if they were with a girl, any girl, they must have a boner or else they have a problem (ie. they are gay, they are pussies, they don't deserve a penis, basically anything to destroy self-confidence). The second cause (the main cause) was trying to bang ugly chicks.

I don't mean this is your case. Hopefully, you have a super hot chick, or "boner worthy" material around you.

In my early 20s, I was cumming too quickly. First, I was too horny and now that I am older I understand that's totally normal. It's human. I can be too horny and I can cum quickly. The issue was that my girlfriend made me feel like crap because of it. She didn't cum and was angry. Next time we had intercourse, I was a bit nervous. I was thinking about not cumming too quickly. Guess what happened? I came quickly again and she was pissed off. But I didn't know better.

Now at 35, I am cumming too slowly. I was banging a chick and just didn't cum. 15 minutes? Not cumming. 30 min? Not cumming yet. 60 minutes? Nope. No cumming. I go take a piss, I come back and the girl is dressing up and ready to leave. I ask her, "wtf? where are you going??" She bursts into tears and tell me this never happened to her... and she was hot. I could have told myself that "I don't deserve a penis... and maybe I'm gay finally... and I am getting old and rotten" but I didn't. Now, I don't have cumming problems.

You think you should have a boner. You don't. You question yourself and even panic a little bit. You feel depressed. You think you should have a boner again. You don't. Your depression becomes worse because of the added pressure and negative self talk and it keeps on going. It's hard to sleep with a women when you are depressed - depression makes you lose your masculinity.

From the book "Letting go" written by Dr. David Hawkins, most physical problems are mental ones. Your test looks ok. You now have big balls which is great. The next step for you is to accept your condition and not fight it. In other words, to kill your depression and the vicious cycle, let go. I mean accept your problem fully. Don't think. Thinking makes it worse.

Your problem does not diminish you in any way. You are still a man and we send you love through our posts. Focus on the feeling that comes up when you think about not being able to have a boner and go straight into it. Don't reason. Don't think. Feel the feeling to the max, accept and relax into it. Next, say "I don't have a boner and it's totally fine."
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