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Approved Log My Anavar Cycle Log (1st time beginner)

some pro athletes do smoke pot, but pot does blacken your lungs
is it better then using pain killers? of course it is. but what is smarter is managing pain with taking care of your body smarter. that is what the true long term athletes know to do
great start here
I will give you a suggestion I know some may disagree but I think a protein shake post-workout is one of the worst things you can do
the reason is your body wants to recover and repair and a protein shake being fake food and being difficult time giant to digest is going to make it harder on your body
This is interesting cause this morning I had one and couldn’t stop burping for a couple of hours. I usually have it because by the time im back from the gym im hungry af as its 17-18 hours after my previous days meal cause Im trying to keep a consistent fast for my cardio sessions in the morning. Find it hard to actually eat then but my bodys telling me it needs something. I can do a light meal instead and see how I go?
I’ll keep updating here but I was wondering if I could get some tips on what blood work I should get done? I’m going to see my doctor next week to get my regular bloodwork, but I’ve never had a test done for testosterone or anything like that, is there anything specific I need to ask for? Do I just say to my doctor I’m interested in starting anabolic steroids? Im obviously new to all this so some direction would be appreciated, legends for the help so far.
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