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My Anavar rad140+ Cardarine cycle Log


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So here is my log as requested. My stack is as follows:

50mg Anavar ED (just upped this today from 40mg)
20mg Rad-140 ED
20mg Cardarine ED
N2guard ED

Stats: I’m a 32 y/o Male 5’7 165lbs
Been training for 4 years consistently from 4-5 days a week . Mostly CrossFit til 4months ago. I’m using a in Body scale where I grab my prepped meals from.

Recent weigh in: 165.5lbs 75.4lbs of muscle and 19.5%fat

My current training regimen is as follows:
4day split training (sun,mon,thurs,Fri)
3 days training bjj(mostly open rolls)
Cardio 3 days a week. Mostly Tabata right now with a variety of cardio machines I have.

So far I’m 11 days into this cycle. (I know should have logged sooner)

So my goal is to recomp. If I went down in weight that would be fine. Ideally dropping body fat and adding muscle.

So weighed in once before the start, and the change was very little on the scale. Very small increase in muscle, and gained on the fat percentage…😐. I was at 2900 cals and Maintaining my weight prior to starting this cycle. As of today I’m sliding down to 2000-2200 per day.

Some background I have a garage gym that I’m utilizing for this cycle. When doing CrossFit my cardio and endurance got really good but my strength gains were slow, but it is to be expected when your jumping from thing to thing.

I’m on the slow side of putting on muscle. Can usually tone up pretty well. Even at my current fat% I can see my abs. Obviously not shredded but there.

As I’ve been on cycle so far I could feel significant changes in my cardio with the Cardarine. I was running a 8:02 mi avg in a 3mi run
My last run was 7:32 avg for 3mi

Weight lifting I’ve definitely see gains reps, and weights wise. As well as things like noticing I sweat faster and more . I assume from the Var.

I workout usually around 530 or 6am. So I usually take the 25mg of Var and the Cardarine when I wake up and a couple hours later after I work out I usually take the Rad-140. Around 430pm I take the second dose of Var. I take half the days n2 guard with breakfast and the other half with lunch.

I will post through the week based on changes or anything Interesting, but every Sunday I do my weigh in so I’ll definitely post on Sundays.

Let me know if missed something or if need to adjust anything.

Also PS. For PCT everyone says to get n2generate, but I don’t see it in stock anywhere. If you have a link let me know.
Following this bro so be sure to keep it updated. I just began my own Rad/Cardarine stack myself and I'm dosing pretty similar to you at 30mg ed Rad and 20mg Cardarine. I take my Rad first thing in the morning, and the Cardarine about a half an hour before I head to the gym. I've definitely noticed an increase in endurance which is surprising, and I say that because I'm always skeptical of anything until I see the results. I've definitely noticed a huge benefit in the amount of cardio I can do without getting burnt out, and I'm less winded between sets with some solid pumps. It's interesting that you mentioned you're sweating more, because I've definitely noticed an uptick myself in that department. Not doing anything else right now just these 2 Sarms. How long are you planning on running this cycle for? I'm planning on 8-10 weeks
nice layout. you should see some really good changes with your training pretty fast
Ya Cardarine is definitely impressive. Really good with Bjj and mountain biking as well.

Yes, planning on running the cycle for 8 weeks, I was going to have the Cardarine crossover into my PCT though.

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks Steve. I appreciate the info you guys put out there.
Also PS. For PCT everyone says to get n2generate, but I don’t see it in stock anywhere. If you have a link let me know.

I've been waiting to see your log, make sure you keep posting diet, training and gear intake

and n2generate I think its out of stock everywhere now, you can try ostazol m1mk for now
Your plan looks solid, lets see full log
i wanted to see this so now its up perfect thank you
keep updates up
anavar and sarms love it bump it
Today is Day 13 of my cycle.

In the mirror some significant changes especially in my shoulders. I can see the veins without having to flex, and my abs are really starting to come through.

How I feel: definitely feeling my biceps, triceps, and chest becoming significantly harder, and more “shapely” then in the past.

As I’ve taken this cycle I can definitely feel a change in my mind set. It isn’t massive per say but I can detect it. Just more “in it”if that makes sense.

This Sunday will be my next weigh in so we will see what the scale says about the changes that I’ve noted.

Diet: I’ve been at 1925 cals the last 2 days and few good. I feel more “agile”already. Probably just from not having as much food in me all the time.
I’ll post pictures of the foods I’ve been eating but I’m getting them from a place call MYfitfoods. I’ll give a better breakdown of protein, carbs, and fat as well at that time.


Weight- I’ve moved up in weight every workout. Nothing to crazy to avoid injury but adding 5lbs every week to the major muscles. The workouts feel good. It’s like there’s a better mind muscle connection. Could be placebo but it’s notable.

Cardio- Haven’t been able to run due to back pumps but I’ve been using my ski erg and my echo bike for some sprinting circuits. Feels really good.

Bjj -feels solid. Nothing you take can make you better at bjj, but my strength and cardio have definitely given me a edge.

I noted before I am using my garage gym. The reason I pointed this out is because I don’t have machines. However I do have a power rack and about 550lbs of bumper plates, and up to 85lb dumbbells, as well as kettlebells, ski erg, echo bike, and a rower. Long story short my training is all free weights.

Thanks for all the support!
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