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Approved Log My BULK cycle Log

nice to see you're getting in some fruit as well apples and pears we eat a lot of those in Portugal
replace the bars for some raw nuts like almonds
1/11/2023 (UPDATED)

Weight 91.5kg

Food : 2400 cals/275 carbs/30 fats/270 protein:

Meal1 1c egg whites//80g oatmeal/half fuji apple
Meal2 5oz chicken breast/1 cup basmati rice/asparagus
Meal3 4oz chicken breast/1 cup rice basmati/green beans
Meal4 pre workout bar
Meal5 1c egg whites/ 100g oatmeal/a pear
Meal6 Protein Shake



Incline Bench 100x15/150x15/200x8 plus 1 drop
Pec Deck 140x15/160x15/180x15/200x15
Rope tricep extension 50x15/60x12/70x10/70x10 plus 2 drops
Single arm low to high cable crossover 3-40x10each
Single arm tricep extension 20x12/25x12/30x9 plus 20x15 back off
nice update
Love you guys!!!
@Ahuntah love you too man
keep updating us with some diet training cardio supplements lets see where you're at this week
some food pics im enjoying it in many logs now
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