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Approved Log My Comeback Diet training Pre Cycle log

Don't get confuse. That is what I know

Testosterone replacement therapy is to treat a clinical condition and to stay healthy as you get older ( more than 1000ng/dl can and will probably affect your blood and is not considerate healthy...hope everyone knows that hahaha) . I'm not choosing how much mg a week I will inject. The normal testosterone range for male is between 300 and 1000 ng/dl. I was naturally at 320. He agree to get me to 1000 ng/dl. He thinks 100mg/week will get me there. if it's not, he will add a little. This is with a doc and a prescription. Insurance pay for it. I will use it for the rest of my live. He is gonna give me HCG as well ( I asked that to keep my balls like they are not).

Now I will always have at least 100mg/week and that is my trt dosage. But I will Blast after christmas...let's say 500mg/week and maybe I could go down and cruise at 250mg/week for a while before blasting again at 500-700mg/week. But thats an other story. Thats call blast and Cruise, PED, getting huge and strong ! My doc don't approve that. but agreed to monitor my blood as I do that. This way I can know what is going on from an health point of view and avoid getting crazy high on different marker. ( HDL/LDL, hematocrit, triglycerid, estradiol, etc).

That is what I know. Maybe Sports Trt vs Trt could be a discuss on an other thread ! Maybe I could learn from you guys !!!
@capitaine1337 well some good info you know but to be fair, you can be on TRT even if you're not old many guys doing TRT or sports-TRT and they call is blast and cruise right
in your case you look great and you dont need to get off whether you call is TRT or cruising its the same thing with different terminology
Back Attack !

Pullup: 4 sets of 12 trying to get a good contraction each rep on the first 2 sets. was harder to do on the last 2
barbell row: 135x12,12 155x 10,8
Machine row: 4sets of 10-12 reps
db row: 4sets of 12-15 reps with 75. really trying to stretch the lats and get a good contraction. It's a weight I can really control
Rack pull just below knees: 185x8, 8, 225x 5 (can't believe those were hard hahaha) Used to do 415,455 on those
close grip pulldown superset with straight rope pulldown. 4 sets. Trying to get a good pump to finish the workout

Did my first injection yesterday. My doc told me to do 0.5 cc of my test cyp 200g/ml (pfizer) and inject once a week. His plan is to bring my to 1000 ng/dl. Discuss it with him. Told him with the half life of Cyp I feel more confortable injecting twice a week and that I always injected the cyp twice a week in the past. ( I was getting more like 500,750 or even 1000mg a week). long story short...and said fine. you can do it twice a week 0.25 cc. Long story short. I felt awkward injecting 0.25 cc and you always get a little oil left in the seringe. I will either can a little more than 0.25cc to get at least 0.25cc in my muscle or get a little bubble it can push the last drop of oil out of the needle.

Blood pressure was 118/68. this afternoon

Did my bloodwork done this week. Will have the results soon ! Will keep you guys posted. Always good to know what we start with.
nice back workout here bro
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