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Approved Log My first cycle testosterone enanthate log

it's good you stop gaining I'm glad to hear that keep your six pack
Update Week 7
Feel very good and strength is going up everytime in the gym. No more puffy nipples.
i gained 6 kg in total but the last 2 weeks i don’t gain any weight anymore? I upped my calories a few days ago with 150 so i’m now at +650 calorie surplus. Why i’m not gaining anymore?
adjust training and diet bro take protein and carbs up
you don't gain forever man. if that was the case mobster would be 600 pounds and benching 1200 by now

your body has Survival mechanisms in place to prevent something like that
it's actually a good sign that you're not gaining any weight that means your body is going through a consolidation process
Lol right!!!
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