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Approved Log My IGF-1 Lr3 and HCG Lifestyle cycle log

Hey boys!
Well I jumped on the scale yesterday and today and I was 99.2kg after a half day of eating as I fast. I've also uploaded my scans from yesterday as I have dropped 2.5 % bf and gained .500 kg of muscle.

Thanks every one for the support I really appreciate it!
good work
hopefully taking this stuff motivates you to tighten the diet
keep grinding and keep consistent
don't forget your training as well we want to see your lifting
Warm up sets on shoulder press with dumbbells
1x 25 minutes incline treadmill
1 x 10 shoulder press dumbbells 30kg each side
2x 10 shoulder press dumbbells 32.5kg each side
3 x 10 Shoulder press machine 50kg each side
4x 10 Lateral machine raises 8kg super sets with 4 x 10 barbell front raises 15kg
4 x 10 face pulls 36kg
Chest day Monday

Bench press
2x 10 80kg
1 x 3 100kg
1 x 1 120 kg
Decline machine press
4 x 10 120kg
Incline barbell press
1 x 60kg
2 x 70kg
4x 10 dumbel flys
Back day
3 x 10 bent over barbell rows 70kg
5 x 10 low seated rows 86kg
4 x 10 seated upright lat pull downs 45kg each side
4 x 10 lateral pull downs ( 1 x 10 59kg,
3 x 66kg)
4x 10 seated dumbbell curls 10kg
4 x 10 seated dumbbell hammer curls 10 kg
4x 10 triceps push down 59kg
4x 10 triceps rope pull down 41kg super set with
4x 10 biceps barbell curls 25kg
4x 10 overhead triceps extension 21.6kg super set with
4x 10 biceps hammer curls 15kg
4 x 10 Biceps curl machine 34.5kg
Leg day
2 x 8 150kg trap bar deadlift
2 x 6 170kg trap bar dead lift
2 x 8 60kg front rack squat
2 x 6 80kg front rack sqaut
4 x 10 calf raises 104kg
4 x 10 leg press
4 x 10 seated hamstring curls
@donkeypunchbub i see you doing 4x10 on all training
i highly suggest adding high rep 25reps +
and add more cardio to this
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