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My most aggressive steroid stack

i never used superdrol due to the ridiculous liver toxicity and honestly i find it hard to believe its better than anadrol which i dont touch at all anymore. id do test only 300-500 mgs weekly to start either C or E ester. after a few months, id then see if you even need anything more. through trial and error i arrived at trestolone acetate. now nobody and i mean nobody hardly takes this drug due to the estrogenic sides. AI is mandatory. but this will change your body in a way no other drug is capable of when you take side effects into account. massive strength gains and massive body weight increase. it does seem to raise prolactin some being a 19-nor. a little p5p knocks that out. tren and orals arent even worth it unless you compete and your livelihood depends upon this imo. sarms are an option as well. as for tren, if you want to destroy your marriage and all relationships thats one way to go about it lmao. test is best...
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