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My next NPP run

2nd time gonna use NPP
I’m 28 years old
5’10’’ 217 pounds. Around 14% body fat
I want to cap my body fat at 16%, not any more then that. So i have some room to bulk, but mostly i want to get in some size.
Training at the gym 4x per week, 4 day split. Mon, wed, thur, and sat is my schedule
My thoughts are trying NPP 250mgs a week this time instead of 400mgs. But i want to add in some more steroids. What do you recommend i use?

I would get down to 10-12% bf. I like npp at 450 I grew like a weed in 10 weeks and the water weight fell off on week 5 it was nice.

I’d say test at 375 if you’re sensitive to it and npp at 400-450. Idk how long you’re doing this cycle but if it’s 16weeks I’d step the dosages. Maybe 300 for the first 3-4weeks of npp then 375 for 2-3 weeks if so sides go right to 400-450 for the remainder
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