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Approved Log My Pre-cycle Diet Training Log

Day 80

I overworked my shoulder last week again so I've been resting it for the past few days, felt much better yesterday, got in a good, little pump session, kept the weight light and shoulder is still feeling good today.

Diet was a whey shake with raw milk, full hero sub from Firehouse and my typical grass-fed beef tacos.

Weight Training:
Upper body

Incline hammer strength press
90lb 3x12

Flat hammer strength press
90lb 3x12

Cable flys
15lb 4x12

DB bent row
60lb 3x12

Lat pulldown
99lb 1x12, 110lb 2x12

Hammer strength rows
90lb 3x12 (each side)

Alternating DB curls
30lb 4x12 (each side)

Alternating hammer curls
20lb 4x12 (each side)

Tricep pressdown
88lb 1x15, 99lb 3x12
I think the amount of weight you're doing is perfectly fine just stay healthy
Day 77

Weight Training:

AM Workout:

Bulgarian split stance squats
110lb 5x5

Leverage squat
90lb 4x5

Leg press
360lb 1x8, 450lb 1x5, 1x6, 1x10

PM Workout:

Leg curls
90lb 4x10

Leg extensions
150lb 4x10

Heel elevated goblet squats
35lb 4x12

Standing calf raises
180lb 3x5, 2x6

Seated calf raises
170lb 5x6

Decline Sit-Ups
x15, x15, x12, x11, x10

Hanging leg raises
x16, x15, x15, x15, x15
nice workout bro
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