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Approved Log My Pre-Cycle Log

try and hit 20 sets per session
and put in some effort you gotta be a little uncomfortable
Yes, goal is to try to hit the 30-35 on my sets rep range then move up in weight at that point and drop my reps (if needed) back down to a 10-15 rep range and start over with the pyramid ups on my reps each time. I am not training to be a body builder physique. I am wanting to be strong and a big look as well. I want to have the look strength and stamina. I guess I am a little greedy. :devilish:
looking good keep the consistency that is the key
you will be shocked how much you improve
Thanks for the compliment, I have been really trying not to eat junk and cook all my meals. Really had a chance to focus on my diet since I was down due to the surgery.

It is tough as I have 3 other people in the house that buy and eat different than me so there is always temptations around.

I am looking to expand my meals a little an try to get a lot more easy staple meals in there def need some variety. The meal plan now focuses around super easy low prep, low time consuming meals while still being fairly healthy. I hate taking up all my time cooking and prepping. Bunch of recipes out there i just need to nail down the ones I want. Ill post an update once I find some I like.
@DiabolicalGainz hard not to eat junk but do your best get on this, switch to protein bars instead of junk.
any pics you going to share bro?
Sorry I keep forgetting to grab pics of my meals. I did remember this time around to snap a pic of my BFast yesterday.


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Sorry I keep forgetting to grab pics of my meals. I did remember this time around to snap a pic of my BFast yesterday.
I’d try to cut out the bread
Back, Lats, Legs and Biceps
Some supper sets back to back thrown in no break in between sets. Marked as SS…. How do yall feel about super sets??
Cardio was Heavy bag for 20min before my workout-
Again started light with 10 or 15 lbs weight and ran thru all exercises once for a warm up before starting my full 4 Sets and Supers

Dumbbell Rows (Back) 40lbs each 4 sets x 10 reps/last STF
SS-Dumbbell Squat [weights on each shoulder][Done with my heels on a block to help elevate helped to be able to get my knees out in front of me for a proper deep squat.] 20lbs each 4 sets x 15 reps/last STF[This was FUCKIN brutal, didn't get much over 15 on last set only 18 total then I fuckin fell out for a sec till my next set]
SS-Deadlifts (Back and Hamstrings) 100lbs 4 sets x 10 reps No failure set
Dumbbell Bicep Curls (Biceps) 25lbs 4 sets x 20reps/last STF
Hammer Curls [up and across chest] (Biceps/Chest) 20lbs 4 sets x 15 reps/last STF
SS-Face Pulls with Rope Pulley (Upper Back) 80lbs 3 sets x 20reps/last STF (with pulley more like 45ish lbs I think due to mechanical advantage pulley gives)
Lat Pull Down [High pull] (Lats) 80lbs 4 sets x 20reps/last STF (w/ pulley 45ish lbs)
SS-Preacher Curls(Biceps) 25lbs 4 sets x 20reps/last STF then switch to a lower weight 15lbs. Reps till failure 15-20.

I am fuggin beat my guys. Damn drink felt heavy at dinner. lol I will have no trouble sleeping tonight.

Also will try the switch out with my bread for steel cut oats, I enjoy that from time to time already with some banana and a little honey. Chefs kiss*
Dinner for tonight, had another chicken thigh (not pictured). Rice is pretty much no salt or anything fairly bland but I usually debone my chicken and mix it in rice. Collard greens are simple red wine vinegar, tsp of salt and 1 Tbsp crushed tomato's , 2 tsp garlic powder. Chicken is very basic seasoning. Cooked in pressure cooker for 30min, seasoned garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, lite drizzle extra virgin olive oil. Skins are pealed before going in pressure cooker. (really helps cut down on the fat) After thighs are baked/broiled just a little to help brown the meat after the pressure cooker. Super flavor full. Love this meal.


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