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Approved Log My Pre-Cycle Log

Diet looks solid
Got my stuff from TRT Nation yesterday, doing 200mg a week pin twice a week. Funny thing when i opened up the pamphlet that came with my TEST. TRT Nation uses Revive for their pharmacy. In Revives pamphlet it has a handy step by step injection guide(pointless). On one of the pictures or figures they show a cross section of some skin and the needle going in for representation. The funny thing is and the reason i bring this up is...THE PIC HAS EVO's LOGO WATERMARKED!!!! The Ape flexing... crazy ill grab a pic tonight and post.
Check this shit out!


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make sure you give us a diet update
maybe post up some pictures of your meals
how is your training right now
are you keeping up with your sleep
keep up the good work my man
you are doing great much respect
love what you're doing here
keep the updates coming
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