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Approved Log My Pre-cycle Training Diet Lifestyle Log

you've got a lot of suggestions from the guys above it's up to you to tighten things up from here
make sure you're being more detailed with your training maybe update us on a daily basis when you train
the diet is okay but it has a lot of room to improve
For context, first pic was last summer and second pic was last week.

Don’t take many pics as I don’t like how I look. Chest needs lots of work
Got great base

Thanks for the reply

So for meals I eat:
4 scrambled eggs on toast

Mid morning:
80g oats
100ml milk

250g chicken breast
2.5 bacon rashers
125g rice
1/3 tin sweetcorn
BBQ sauce

Pre workout:
Peanut butter sandwich
Caffeine tablets

Whatever my mrs cooks lol
Tends to be protein and carb heavy


I tend to mix it up each session. For chest, I’ll do 4 sets of presses and 4-5 sets of accessories.

For example:

Bench dumbbells: 40kg x 11, 40kg x10
Incline smith machine: 70kg x 10, 70kg x 8 then 50kg x 8 (last 2 supersets)
Cable crossovers: 17kg x 16. 3 sets of that
Pullovers: 30kg x 20
Dips: 14 reps. Was to failure


All I take is creatine, caffeine tablets and pump

Thanks for your help
food looks solid
Below is my Back workout from yesterday

Again during lunch break due to lack of time


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View attachment 30483Had a week off on holiday so thought I’d start again with chest. It’s the muscle I want to work the most

Did this today. I train alone so I have to do dumbbells for first exercise so I can go to failure

Followed it up with a grenade protein bar I got for my bday, as well as finishing the litre of water I started the workout with.

Smith machine weights are an estimate as I don’t know the resistance of the bar so just assumed it’s 10kg so I don’t overestimate the weights
@Mikeyd7123 good workout numbers man.........
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