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Approved Log My Pre-testosterone-anadrol cycle log

Hello guys, here is my pre-cycle training log as requested

Age: 26 H: 176 W: 65 kg

First cycle:
Test E 500 mg/wk for 12 weeks

no acnes, no hair loss, increased my libido and appetite

Second cycle (will start soon):
Test E 500 mg/wk for 12 weeks
Anadrol 50 mg/ed for 6 weeks

no supplements, no pre-workouts, just eating real food, 3200 calories each day
Protein/carb/fat: 150/350/50 gram

I train 4 times a week, 40 minutes each time
training with high intensity 1 or 2 sets with 8 to 12 reps

Legs/ Calves: Leg Extension/ Leg curls/ Squats/ Standing and Seated calf raises
Chest/ Shrug/ Wrist: Smith incline press/ Pec dec fly/ Cable press/ Standing and seated wrist curl/ Smith Shrug
Arms: Cable curl/ Hammer curl/ Barbell curl/ Dips/ Cable Triceps extension/ Overhead Triceps extension
Back: Lat pull downs/ Seated Cable row/ Bent Over Barbell Row/ Lateral Raise/ Machine Reverse Fly

Diet: Eggs, Rice, Potato, Bread, Milk and Yoghurt, Chicken and beef, Cheese, Fruits and etc.
Sleep: I go to bed at 12 and wake up at 8

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Bro you need to get your diet locked in
Legs/ Calves: (All movements 1 set till failure with 12 reps)
1. Leg Extension 70 kg
2. Leg curls 40 kg
3. Squats 70 kg
4. Seated calf raises 50 kg
5. Deadlift 50 kg

Chest/ Shrug/ Wrist: (All movements 1 set till failure with 12 reps)
1. Smith incline press 35 kg
2. Pec dec fly 60 kg
3. Cable press 30 kg
4. Standing wrist curl 70 kg
5. Smith Shrug 60 kg

Arms: (All movements 1 set till failure with 12 reps)
1. Cable curl 35 kg
2. Hammer curl 7.5 kg
3. Barbell curl 15 kg
4. Dips
5. Cable Triceps extension 40 kg
6. Overhead Triceps extension 20 kg

Back: (All movements 1 set till failure with 12 reps)
1. Lat pull downs 50 kg
2. Seated Cable row 40 kg
3. Bent Over Barbell Row 40 kg
4. Lateral Raise 7.5 kg
5. Machine Reverse Fly 30 kg
Good workout
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