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Approved Log My precycle diet training log

that is definitely a hardcore workout
nice job once again good update on the training
February 15, 2024 precycle log:
Yesterday was a bit of a write off, lack of sleep, Valentine’s Day, etc. Cannot wait until I am living by myself again.

On another note, I decided to go back to my old gym today, ya it takes a bit more gas to get there, but oh boy, it feels like home. Comfort level through the roof. Will continue going there as that’s where I made the most progress.

Question for you bros.. I have always struggled with my chest presses, do you guys have any suggestions on how to progress properly? I seem to stick around 135-145 tops and can only do low rep sets, am unmotivated to go higher as I struggle.

Macros screenshot attached to this post.

Training February 15, 2024:

Incline chest press:
95lbs - 22r
105lbs - 15r
115lbs - 11r
115lbs -11r
95lbs - 16r

Incline db chest fly:
20lbs - 22r
25lbs - 19r
25lbs - 14r
25lbs - 16r
20lbs -18r

Cable high chest fly: (lower chest)
35lbs - 10r
30lbs - 12r
30lbs - 10r
25lbs - 14r

Cable low chest fly: (upper chest)
20lbs - 16r
20lbs - 12r
20lbs - 13r
15lbs - 15r

Chest press machine: *chest pretty tired, getting out last bit*
80lbs -12r
100lbs - 8r
95lbs - 11r
90lbs - 8r
85lbs - 8r

Pec deck:
130lbs - 14r
150lbs - 9r *slow controlled*
140lbs - 9r *slow controlled*
130lbs - 12 r *slow controlled*

Shoulder press:
100lbs - 10r
80lbs - 10r
95lbs - 10r
90lbs - 6r

Underhand tricep cable pull down one hand;
20lbs - 12r
25lbs - 5r / 20lbs -12r

V bar close grip tricep pushdown:
66lbs - 12r

Rope tricep pull down:
45lbs - 14r
45lbs - 10r

Tricep pushdown bar:
50lbs - 14r
60lbs - 12 r
65lbs -12r
55lbs- 8 r

Lat pull down:
143lbs - 18r
148lbs- 12r

Side handle lat pulldown:
148- 8r *slow controlled*
143lbs - 13r

Close grip lat pulldown:
143lbs - 15r
121lbs - 10r

Db lateral raise:
30lbs - 17r
30lbs - 14r
30lbs - 12r
25lbs - 14r

Bicep curl machine:
130lbs - 15r
140lbs- 11r
170lbs -8r
150lbs - 9r
Nice training session
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