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Approved Log My Sustanon and Equipoise cycle Log

What is your opinion guys to use anavar too on the last 4 weeks to get more dry muscles?
that will work great by why you ramp your dose on EQ like that??
I just started with lower dosage to see how my body will react, then going up, if I experience any side effects, I will take back from the dose. Isnt this a good idea?
@prophet1st smart move, always low dose, dont go high before you feel the low dose.
Hello. I am 26 yo man, recently I started my 1st bulking cycle w/ sustanon + boldenone. My height is 1.85 cm, I started the cycle when I was 87 kg, after 4 weeks I gained 4.5 kg, BF around 14%.

My cycle: (yesterday I started the 5th week)
1-2 week
250mg Sustanon - 200 Boldenone

3-7 week
500mg Sustanon - 400 Boldenone

8-12 week
750mg Sustanon - 600 Boldenone

For last 3 weeks of the cycle I have proviron, 25mg/day. + HCG for post cycle.

Here is my workout split, and nutrition, I tried to be accurate with everything thats why a little bit so long.
OMEGA 3 – 2x capsule : 600 mg

Magnesium & Zinc – 2x capsule

D3 Vitamin – 2x capsule : 5000 IU

C Vitamin – 2x capsule : 2000 mg

Creatine 5-7g

Training split : 5 days
  • Chest and triceps
  • 4x12 – Incline Dumbell Press, 25-30-32.5-35kg (I have shoulder pain cuz I fu*ked up, I cant go above 35kg without pain, so I stopped there for 2-3 weeks)
  • 3x12-15 – Incline machine press – 30-60kg each side
  • 4+1x12-15 – High cable fly (in last set I drop the weight until failure)
  • 4x12 – Pec deck fly – 50-60-65-70kg – last set until failure, approx. 10-11 reps
  • 4x15 – Triceps pushdown(cable or V-bar) – goin heavy as I can
  • 4x12 – One hand triceps extension – 8kg (last set until failure)
  • (sometimes I do bench press and dips too)
  • Back and biceps
  • 3x 8-10 – Pull Ups for warming up
  • 4x10-12 – Lat Pull down – 60-70-80-90kg
  • 4x10-12 – Seated cable row – 50-60-70-70kg
  • 4x10-12 – Straight arm pulldown – 40-48-56-60kg
  • 3-4x12-15 – Facepull – goin up to 60kg in last set
  • 3x40-30-20 – Hammer Curl – 15-17.5-20kg
  • 4+1x15-12 – Seated biceps machine curl – 25-30-35-35kg (+1 set when I drop the weight right after the 4th set)
  • Legs
  • 4x12 – Back squat -60-80-80-100kg – very narrow stance like 15 cm between my legs
  • 4x10 – RDL – 60-70-80-90kg
  • 4x12 or failure – Leg Extension – up to 125kg
  • 4x12 – Hamstring curl – 50-60-70-80kg
  • 4x4-15-10 - Seated and standing calf raises ( I do it in superset )
  • Shoulder and chest (shoulder focused)
  • I do more exercises for shoulders, but there is the main ones:
  • 4x10 – Dumbell shoulder press – 22.5-25-27.5-30kg
  • 4x10 – Cable front raises – 29kg
  • 3x12 – Cable lateral raises – 4-8kg each shoulder
  • 4+1x20-15-12-10 – Lateral raises – 10-10-12.5-15 (right after the 4th set I drop the weight to 7.5 until failure)
  • 4x12 – Low Cable fly
  • Back and biceps – SAME AS THE 2nd day

  • + I do 30 min cardio 4x Times a week – incline treadmill walk and 2 times ABS after the workout.
5 Meals a day

  • 5 whole eggs with bacon and pickles
  • Chicken and rice – 300g chicken breast – 300g (boiled) white rice
  • Oat – 140g with milk and banana
  • Chicken and rice – 300g chicken breast – 300g (boiled) white rice again
  • Turkey with cheese and red kidney beans – 200-300g turkey, 225g red kidney beans
  • Before every workout I eat a banana or apple. I don’t use protein so often cuz I got my protein intake from real foods. In this bulking cycle, first 3 weeks I used Myomax Hardcore max gainer, 100g right after the workout until I got home to eat real foods.
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