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Approved Log My test anavar cycle log

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Sorry I wasn't able to keep up with the log. Work got extra busy, plus 4 kids at home, etc.

Cycle was very good overall, big strength gains, some size, about 1.5 inch chest, 2 inch shoulders, 3/4 inch arms, 1.5 inch legs, 1/2 inch calves. I didn't cut as much as hoped; that was my fault due to diet being a bit dirty.

I stopped the clen week 2. As many have said, the sides are rough. The heart racing at rest, hand tremors, the worst was the GI issue -- terrible GERD non-stop, couldn't take it, was ruining the cycle. I'm glad I at least tried it, but I won't do it again. If anyone else out there reading this is considering clen, here's one more guy saying it sucks and isn't worth it, but had to see for myself.

For workouts, I stuck with Arnold's 3 day split with opposed muscle groups: day 1 chest and back with deadlift, day 2 arms and shoulders, day 3 legs, day 4 rest. Usually 40-50 sets per workout done in 1.5-2 hours with warmup. For leg days, the core was Tom Platz's high volume squat routine: 5 sets of 20, starting very light (135), up to a max set for 20. At the beginning of cycle, my 20 rep max was 225. Got that up to 315 by the end. After the 5 sets of 20, then 5 heavier sets. Could be 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, or 5 x 3-5. By the end, I got 455 for 2, pretty good for me these days.

Planning on doing another cycle this fall, similar, maybe escalate a bit, maybe run SR9009 (stenabolic) together with Cardarine for weight loss, plus test and var again.

Also planning on running 12 week SARMS only (LGD, S4, Cardarine) in between gear cycles, after PCT. SARMS are coming in this Saturday, wife is running them too, will post results.

Thanks again for the help and advices

You look great but too bad you didn't update the log, we dont know what you did and really if you had actual results.

Are you planning to truly keep a sarms LOG?
I didnt see before pics so maybe you just wasted time on this cycle
i hope you keep a sarms log
nice job man, tighten it up
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