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Approved Log My testosterone tbol cycle log

Been a great weekend and today was pretty awesome. Went to gym and worked on chest. Plan moving forward is to do the hammer incline chest press on chest day then the dumbbell flat bench on arm day. Think this should be a lot more manageable for my left shoulder.

Hammer strength chest press: 45x20 70x12 80x12 90x10 100x6
Machine fly: 70x15 85x15 100x15 115x12 130x10
Machine dips: 140x15 160x15 180x12 200x10
Dumbbell incline fly: 4 sets of 15 with 20 pounds
Tricep pushdown: 80x25 90x20 100x12 110x12

Feeling great! Also did 30 minutes cardio to start and 15 minutes to end. Will post of up meal prep pics later.
@BrightFuture really good chest day man and cardio spot on

Meal prep completed and pictures attached. Plan for tomorrow is back and biceps.
as always PERFECT meal your lady is making :)
good to know your balls are doing good
it's good to cook together you should try that
I like what I'm seeing out of you it's great commitment
love what you're doing my man keep it up
Good workout this morning. No cardio and I cut everything short by 1 set because my daughter has her driver permit test this morning so I couldn’t be in the gym for as long as I wanted.

Barbell row: 135x12 175x10 185x8 205x6
Hammer lat pulldown: 90x12 100x12 110x10 120x7
Cable row: 120x12 135x12 150x12 165x8
vbar lat pulldown: 120x15 120x15
Straight arm pulldown: 100x15 100x15 100x12
Cable curl: 80x12 80x12 90x12

Good fun workout. Might go back to gym later today so I can get my cardio in. I would just go for a run but it’s way too hot outside. This summer is going to be extremely hot. It is always hot here but this summer is expected to be worse than usual. Atleast the beach is only a couple hours away.
it's good to cook together you should try that
She likes to cook by herself. I can sometimes convince her to let me ground the beef but she actually enjoys cooking. I don’t enjoy cooking at all so guess it works out. Pretty lucky I have her though. Been together almost 19 years now.
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