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Approved Log My testosterone tbol cycle log

I like how you're sticking to specific exercises and improving them
nice job man time to post up some updated pics
Today was leg day and another day of personal records being set!

Hammer strength squat: 234x12 324x10 344x8 364x6
Barbell Romanian deadlift: 135x12 135x12 135x12
Leg press: 275x15 295x15 315x15 335x15
Seated leg curl: 135x12 135x12 135x12
Leg extension: 135x15 150x12 165x8
Calf raise: 215x15 215x15 215x15 215x13

Felt great. Worked my way up to a 364 pounds on the hammer strength squat and that was a first! All in all a great day! Also did my 6th injection this morning. Planning to order some more test so I run the cycle to 14 weeks instead of 10. Also deca at 150mg/week.

So far this has been incredibly successful and no side effects as of yet. Already thinking about a good bulking cycle for 3 months after this ends with test/deca/anadrol. That may change because that’s still a long way out. I am just big on planning things out lol.
nice job man time to post up some updated pics
Yeah I will try and get some up this weekend. Will get my wife to do it. I also think I am starting to see some trap muscles but that could be in my head lol.
make sure you shave a little bit and oil up for pics too.
@BrightFuture deca can help but you would need to low dose it. 100-150mgs/week with 25mgs proviron at max.

14 weeks is a good cycle lets do it I support it.
Just ordered more test E, deca and the proviron. Will run cycle to 14 weeks with 400mg test, 150mg deca and the proviron.
Attaching dinner picture for tonight.


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Alright so today was the day. Wow! I k ow I said was done barbell benching but I decided to anyway and I am happy I did!

Barbell bench: 135x5 145x5 155x3 135x10
Hammer incline chest press: 45x12 70x10 80x8 80x6 45x15
Dumbbell bench; 40x10 50x10 60x6(not sure why I only got 6)
Machine fly: 85x15 100x15 115x12 130x12
Tricep dip: 90x20 140x15 140x15 140x15
Tricep pushdown: 90x15 90x15 90x15 90x15

For barbell bench my shoulders stable throughout. I decided to increase weight if I could hit 5 reps so I worked up to 155 pounds. Then I finished off with 135 pounds for 10 reps which is the most I reps I have done with 135. Wow I was stunned. Left shoulder felt stable throughout. Assuming this is the test and tbol really kicking in hard now. This morning was my 5th injection.
Good updates on the workout.......
Today was arms day. Definitely experiencing the DOMS now. Wasn’t really before but I attribute that to the increased weight and overall volume throughout the week. So I didn’t bench press today and just focused on arms. Not sure I should really be benching twice a week?

EX Bar Tricep extension 3x12
Tricep dip: 140x15 160x12 160x12 160x16
Tricep pushdown: 80x30 90x15 100x15 110x12
Cable Bicep Curl: 70x20 80x15 90x10 60x12(no rest between 90 pounds and 60 pounds)
Preacher Curl: 45x12 55x10 65x6 65x6
Dumbbell hammer curl: 30x12 30x12 30x12 30x12

Good workout and good pump. Will get some good pictures up this weekend. Feeling great!
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