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Approved Log My Trenbolone and Testosterone 400mgs Log

I'm looking forward to seeing your results on this., tren is a serious steroid
We need to fix your sleeping problems. First before you start Tren
They will not get better while you're on it, trust me.
reason started tren first was because it was the only thing I ordered with limited funds. More funds then purchased test 3 weeks later.

7 years training in and out of the gym. Maybe about 3 years intense focused training.

Never in those 7 years have I met daily protein intake for my body weight. So around 80-90kg protein/day (due to limited funds and other issues).

Avoiding incline treadmill as my hip needs intense physio!
Experience with AAS - none
reason started tren first was because it was the only thing I ordered with limited funds. More funds then purchased test 3 weeks later.
You are going about this backward. Why did you not just wait to purchase everything you need. Why would you start taking tren only when you have 0 experience with AAS? This tells me 0 research was done.
Never in those 7 years have I met daily protein intake for my body weight. So around 80-90kg protein/day (due to limited funds and other issues).
Com on man! You know your diet is not good so instead of using your funds/time to fix the diet you decide to hop on the most advanced steroid out there.
Avoiding incline treadmill as my hip needs intense physio!
Can you at least walk at a good pace? You need to be doing cardio!
Steroids are also very inflammatory. They aren't going to do you any favors here.

What are you taking for organ protection? What is your PCT plan?
These things should be in place before you even start taking anything.

You mentioned your sleep is already poor, tren is gonna make things worse.
You really should stop this now before you hurt yourself. Do some more research and get in a better place physically and financially and then come back and find out how to do this the right way.
Piecing this together like you are attempting to do is not the correct way to go about this.
17 weeks of tren and test. 400 test , 200 tren per week.
This is not good. Did you do any research at all before? You have 0 idea how your body is gonna react to these drugs so you decide to take the most harsh one out there right out of the gate with no test.
Tren should never be run this long. As a matter of fact, if your not competing or a very advanced lifter with lots of AAS experience there is no reason to even use it. This is reckless.
More to note:
Will start test e at week 5 400mg/week
Tren e will drop from 400mg to 200mg
So from week 5 onwards will be 400mg/ week test e/c
Tren e 200mg/ week

Going for the remaining17 weeks weeks on this cycle of test and tren.

Then going to be on test at around 300mg/ week for about a year!!

So.., 23 weeks of just training shoulders on what has now become test and tren?? Followed by a solid year of 300mg

No, no and.... no
Your body and your choice would Tren. I say go for it. You only live once, right?
So if he injected it in to his cock and said 'it's my choice' you'd be ok?

I'm gonna say not really.

By all means say choice but then give solid ass advice of what might actually be beneficial
Please don't take offense as this is just an observation.
You claim 7 years of training but you don't look you've trained much at all.
What does your actual training look like? It seems like you are not spending enough time in the gym and your split seems very unbalanced.
How much experience do you have with AAS? you started running tren 3 weeks ago and you plan on running it for 17 more weeks? Why did you start running tren 3 weeks brfore starting test?
Cardio needs to come up a bit. Two times per week is not gonna cut it. Can you add in some incline treadmill walking on training days?
Again, not trying to be a dick but some things just don't make sense here.
Absolute gold here
Pick the bones out of the following (clues in many replies)

Didn't have money to eat on point (we've all been there).
Fix that. The guys are jibbing me (quite rightly) to get mine to 200g protein a day.

Your training is piss poor. Not be a complete ass but 7 years total and, as one reply suggested, it's not been up to scratch (that's being kind).
Start a training log (again as per a reply). You can see a transformation with just that being tweaked

The shoulder only thing (mentioned here and elsewhere)
Just no. It's a red flag indicator for point two - poor training. By way of proof - science says literally working legs stimulates the WHOLE body. If one arm was in a cast and you worked the other the one in cast would still get stimulus. You need to work ALL the body with a FOCUS on delts.

PED plan is a mess
If you're not eating right, only wanna train delts, wanna stay on TREN and TEST 23 weeks and then stay on a low dose of test for the rest of the year... I'd sack you off as a client.

Without completely restructuring every aspect for you forget the plan of staying on the rest of the year

Freedom and Choice
You're here asking for advice. You can, with freedom and choice, smash a hammer into your balls. But my advice would be to NOT do so. I'd point out you might regret it, how bad a decision it is, the pain and even the possible surgery you might need.

The same comes with proper useful solid advice as to how to train, eat and run a PED stack. You can still choose to ignore it but I and anyone else who says crack on yer mad bastard 'cos freedom of choice' is doing you and anyone else reading and learning a disservice. I expect more
Tren for 17 weeks is not a good idea at all. And if you have limited funds I’m assuming you don’t have a pct or cycle support or an ai
Will be training whole body now that I’ve got constructive criticism from the above points.
How many days do you have to train? I think you should do a push/pull/legs split. Currently i''m doing PPLPP with weekends off. Hitting everything except legs twice per week. I'm able to recover no problem to go hard every day. Lets get a plan built for you.
Whole body IMO is not good for building muscle. You won't be able to go hard enough. I think it's more for aesthetics than muscle building.
Next action item is your diet. Lay out exactly what you plan on eating. Let's make sure you are doing things as optimally as you can.
Next is sleep. Do you know why you are having issues? Stress? Anxiety? Snoring?
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