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Approved Log My Trenbolone Testosterone cycle log - Kader

How is your blood pressure Now versus week one?
I have just started my week 8 of my cycle, today will be my 2nd injection day of W8.. And I just wanted to give the guys an update and some pics, I have posted pics on my first post a couple of weeks back for reference if ya'll wanna check for any improved..

Updated stats:
- current weight: 75kg
- I have switched between push/pull/legs and currently on a 4 day split.
- Bench press: from pushing my max limit on 60kg, I am now on 85kg max
- Foods: same with increased grams to about 20-30 for protein and 50-60g with carbs
- Test, same as before 250mg/week, tren I have bolsted up from 150 a week to 175mg a week
- Sides: ZERO :D :love:

Photos attached :)
great start bro keep at it
is this your eighth week of Tren?
if so can you talk a little bit more about the side effects that you're experiencing
8th week correct yes, I’ll pin today(Thursday, Saturday) and when I pin next week Monday that will be start of week 9.
Check out my last update on the log whete I mentioned no side effects buddy
Are you seriously not experiencing any side effects? Come on that's really hard to believe
No sides, that’s correct yes. Maybe I’m just lucky. If you really want me to mention any sides then it would be 1 or 2 pimples every now and again. And alittle bit of annoyance. Other wise nothing else at all.
very low dose but are you satisfied with your results?
Yes I am, I wasn’t expecting to look life an IFBB pro with this cycle so mentally I had no setups for disappointments. But if I can say my hand could go right around my bicep/tri arm area LOL compared to now, I am extremely happy with results.
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