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Approved Log My Trenbolone Testosterone cycle log - Kader

acid reflux you need to be careful what you're eating it could be the condiments from your food too
Ramadan Mubarak my friend
you should definitely log during your fasting for a month we would love to learn more about the strategies you're doing everyday
maybe start a new log called "ramadan fasting log"
just a suggestion but would be fun and the first one we've had on here
Sad news, I am in my 12th and final week of my cycle and I am unable to train due to a lat strain injury so technically I'd consider this an 11 week cycle.. hopefully I can be recovered and back to training in two weeks :( sucks, but injuries happen, we learn and move on.. some pics coming end of this week as the final results for this cycle. Overall it was great, food was good, tracked calories, stayed consistent etc.

I mentioned I had no sides, but I will correct it I actually just had acid reflux on many occasions almost only happening at night. other than that, sides were almost none existent. I wanted to use this cycle as cutting, but like I said I became like a freaken eating animal LOL and made it a bulk cycle so picked up some weight but in the past week and a half my appetite suppressed, which was great for leaning out some abs but the cutting process happened late in cycle. bummer.

During PCT, I intend on keeping my diet the exact same, not adding or decreasing calories.. training staying the same.. question, how intense are ya'll training while on PCT? and how much carbs are you guys loading up on for those training sessions? Example, before I trained on this cycle I have 200g milk, 40-45g oats, 1 banana, 30g cashew nuts and 20g raisins all mixed in the oatmeal.. does this meal change for my training on PCT?

I will be waiting till 10th November, 2 week break from my last pin, until I start my PCT :) taking a break for 3 months-4 months, definitely doing a cutting cycle with some var or something since it will be during my holy month of Ramadaan(Fasting for 30 days) so best way to be in a calorie deficit.. just weighing my options and gathering information till then.. need to consider liver toxicity since i cant drink water for the 15-16 hrs fasting..

But I will cross that bridge when I get there, thanks to everyone here for the advice and help!!!!! I felt like a had a family when I typed here asking for help on this cycle so thank you.. see ya'll in a few months!!! :cool:🤝👊
good Log bro
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