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Approved Log My TRT cycle Log - aged 31

we'd love to see some fasted cardio especially
Interesting test testing.

Shout out to Hybrid labs Australia for the tope vial (purple top) for a good potency result.

The second vial o got through a friends cousin... Test result is not great.

I won't be using the second vial from now on.

Will be getting bloods taken on another 2 weeks.

My lifts and brain clarity are up greatly on this current diet and test still at only 80mg a week.

No carb morning are working a absolute treat for mental clarity during the day.

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Great to see
Couple of pics of a few meals.

Sorry for lack of updates. Staying consistent and pushing my weights up, getting a few PBs and consistently adding volume each week little by little

Mental clarity is alot better still. Finding injections easy. Still only 80mg a week split into 2.
Will be getting bloods next week
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