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My TRT Cycle Log

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Hello everybody. I'm starting my TRT Log because people want to see it and it might help me stay consistent. I stay on 100 mg of testosterone a week year round. The reason why is because that's all i need to maintain healthy testosterone levels without getting annoying sex drive even thought i'm still very horny on this dosage lol. Genetics i guess but i seriously hate it. Gets distracting. I'm 24, 6'0 tall and my current weight is around 185-187 lbs. 24 is way too young, i know that but it's way too late for me. I will be on trt forever. The good thing is that i wouldn't abuse these substances and i'm willing to listen to the more experienced and mature users. A lot of you suggested that i should run anavar or primo. I can't get my hands on legit primo or anavar and i'm too poor to even bother running them. I would probably try winstrol soon.

Starting from today my current blast will be:
100 mg of testosterone + 100 mg of tren enanthate/ace a week. That's because i have a few vials of tren ace and a bottle of tren e. I'm going to run tren for 8 weeks. Will increase testosterone a little bit (to 150 mg a week) if i get any joint pain.

Meal plan:
I don't usually stick to a strict meal plan but i eat at least 3-4 meals a day. I will have to do some grocery shopping today and i will start following this meal plan. I don't have a very big appetite so i have to force feed myself and have more frequent meals to get my calories. Whole grain cereals are my favorite bulking food because this is the only food that can help me put on weight past 180 lbs lol :D
Meal 1 - 400 to 500 grams of yogurt (11 grams of protein per 100 grams of yogurt) + 100 grams of sunflower seeds
Meal 2 - 300-400 grams of whole grain cereal with 1 liter of 3 % fat milk
Meal 3 - 300 grams of whole wheat pasta + 300 grams of chicken breast with pasta sauce
Meal 4 - 400 - 500 grams of yogurt + 100 grams of sunflower seeds
Meal 5 - 300 grams of whole wheat pasta + 300 grams of chicken breast with whatever pasta sauce i can get my hands on

I train every muscle twice a week except my abs. I train them every other day.

Back, biceps & rear shoulders:

5 X 10 - medium overhand grip barbell rows
5 X 5 - shoulder width chin ups/pull up
5 X 10-20 - dumbbell curls/barbell curl
5 X 20+ - rear delt flyes

Chest, triceps:

5 X 10 - wide grip flat bench press
5 X 10 - medium grip flat bench press
5 X 15-20 - dumbbell/barbell skullcrusher

Shoulders, legs:
10 X 10 - Glute bridge
5 X 10+ - Good morning
5 X 10 - Wide grip barbell upright row
5 X 20+ - db lateral raises
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