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Approved Log My TRT cycle log

Headed to gym now

Cardio and Arms

Pre Exhaust DB Partials -> Incline DB Curls -> Standing Strict DB Curls w/ Lean:

3 Sets

30 Reps Pre 15 lb DB/ 15-20 Reps Incline 20 lb DB/ 15 - 20 Reps Strict 20 lb DB

4 Way Dumbbell Giant (Curls Shoulders Open "Short head" / Curls Shoulders Closed "Long head" / Hammer Curls / Alternating Curls):

3 Sets 15 lb DB

15 Reps / 15 Reps / 15 Reps / Failure

Reverse Grip Straight Bar Curl + Drag Curl + Bicep Burnout:

4 Sets 30 lb Straight Bar

15-20 Reps / 15 - 20 Reps / Failure

Skullcrusher Trifucta "Reverse Grip / Neutral / Neutral + Pronation":

3 Sets 20 lb DB

20 Reps / 20 Reps / 20 Reps

Bar Dips + Bench Dips:

4 Sets

Failure / Failure

Tricep DEATH Close grip press, kickbacks

3 Sets

50 Reps 40 lb DB/ 20 Reps 15 lb DB
that is a hell of a workout update
so many varieties of exercises
I'm not sure I could keep up with you with your workouts
very solid job
I like what you're doing here
keep up with the work out updates
lots of good exercises
you're showing everyone how it's done nice one
it make sure you keep updating us on your diet too
the workouts look solid
Thanks guys, it was a great workout. My day has really fallen apart after that and I have yet to have one calorie. I am headed to a hockey game with a spicy senorita, so maybe I am going to end up with some junk food today......not my style, but........
@zander_guns it happens but hockey game and no pics bro? please share game pics with the EVO family :)
Our team lost in overtime!!!
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