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Approved Log My TRT with Deca Durabolin Log

Leg day
3 sets presses
3 sets extensions
3 sets curls
3 sets calve raises
20min sauna

Pic is comparison from day 1 log to this morning. Man it's a slow process


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for sure man add some fasting it will boost insulin sensitivity
Thanks again for the support. I think I will try a longer fast than the 18hrs like I have done all week. As I have shared before, Sunday lunch with family after church is my cheat day, but I still fast 18hrs prior before the family meal. This week however let's switch it up and do a longer fast as suggested. I'll complete my pigging out Sunday meals between Noon & 5pm. I will fast 48hrs. Sunday 5pm, to Tuesday 5pm. Wish me luck bros!!! (I will be drinking water, soda water & black coffee)
sleep also is very important as well your body will want it
let us know how you're fasting goes it really works well
fasting will definitely help and make sure you keep your diet on point on days you are eating
gotta boost up your insulin sensitivity that will help you keep fat off over the long term
sleep also is very important as well your body will want it
Getting up at 4am every weekday to get to the gym by 5am does take its toll on me. I crash before 9pm every night, I'm worn out.
Ok bros, I just gave these jokers down at the Low T Center my blood for my 12 week labs. So when they were they were finished, she is like ready for your dose.. I said, no need, I am self inject, I have my stuff at home and I hit tomorrow on Saturdays. She said well you won't be charged, you can get it if you want LOL!! Of course I drop my drawers and said hit it!... I'll do my normal hit tomorrow... I don't think they know what they are
I'll do my "telehealth" call with the nurse Thursday for results..I'll share when I get them
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