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my wife’s snatch smells on steroids

@Cronus402 welcome to LOL :ROFLMAO: only place to be yourself as a real juicer
lol I appreciate it. Hey, I made my first post and I’m hoping for some good answers on that. If you have time to give it a look, I’d appreciate it. Gear looked a bit odd to me.
so I got my wife some steroids to run. Put her on injectable primo and some anavar
she is doing 75mgs a week of primo and 10mgs a day of anavar
its been 6 weeks on and she is seeing results in the gym. She is doing the bar + 15 pounds on each side on the bench press. And on squats she is doing the bar plus 35 pounds on each side.
Not bad considering she only weighs 120 lb
good thing is now she’s excited about going to the gym with me and it’s a little hobby that we do together after work
it’s not all good though and now the bad part
So I’m not quite sure how to put this delicately so I won’t even try. But when I go down on my wife and taste her it not only tastes very weird but it also smells very different than what I’m used to
she is also growing some thicker hair down there as well
you think that this is normal on steroids and what have been your experiences with this
just want to get this cleared up without having to tell her because she’s very sensitive about that sort of thing do to her past as an escort and dealing with STD’s and such.
My wife is also on var 20mg day after abiut a week she is extra wet and juicy down below and 100 times hornier. Comes home from hiur shift with soaking wet undies. She says it's like she's ovulating, but hornier. Happy to be bent over day and night. Roids are tampering with her regular menstrual so it gives it at any inordinary time and for an extended time.
bro I like the taste of nasty snatch
nothing better especially eating out lot lizards
I think you should be put under a scientific study so we can see what micro organisms you got swimming around in your body
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