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MYROIDSHOP.COM Steroid Source Reviews

5 out of 5 rating for MYROIDSHOP.COM Steroid Source Reviews

Hey guys new here but i just wanted to post up that i ran 500mg of Myroidshop's Bayer primo and it was top notch. Along with that cycle i ran his Roid plus test and some IGF lr3 was sprinkled in there. Was great. Shipping was within the TA. Communication was also great, no problem with returned emails or shipping problems. Packaging was great as well. I have done 4 orders thus far will keep you guys updated for more reviews.
Communication & Ordering process: Great with no problems at all
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery was within TA and packaging was very discrete
Products Ordered: Bayer Primo Amps, Gen shi IGF lr3, Roid Plus Testosterone
Product results and effectivenes: Great and very effective. With IGF I was able to see a difference in the first lift. Great quality
5 out of 5 rating for MYROIDSHOP.COM Steroid Source Reviews

I have finally found an honest and quality supplier of steroids. After being scammed by others MYROIDSHOP.COM has been absolutely fantastic to deal with. Every order is shipped fast and their communication with buyers is perfect. The product is high quality and packaged well. I would recommend MYSTEROIDSHOP.COM to anybody looking for a quality supplier who delivers fast every time.
Communication & Ordering process: Ordering is simple and communication is 10 out of 10
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery is always super fast and the gear is well packaged
Products Ordered: Sustanon, Testosterone enanthate, Boldenone, Trenbolone, Deca
Product results and effectivenes: Results start to show in a few weeks. Both strength and size noticibly increase
3 out of 5 rating for MYROIDSHOP.COM Steroid Source Reviews

I've only ordered from them but my shipment was seized. They asked me to email the seizure letter but I'm not 100% computer savvy. I didn't understand how to email an actual letter without a scanner. So I just let it go since the order was under $100 and it wasn't even gear. I counted it as a donation to our beloved country, who takes and gives nothing back in return anyway.Let it be understood that I'm not giving MRS a bad review. Apparently, my order was sent but someone in Customs enjoyed its use.
Communication & Ordering process: Very good
Delivery & Packaging: UNKNOWN
1 out of 5 rating for MYROIDSHOP.COM Steroid Source Reviews

Warning!I ordered an item to me in Sweden from Myroidshop in January 2015, but still have not seen my package in March 2015. I have been in contact with the post office here in Sweden and they said that they had identified the product as a suspect drug and sent it back to the sender. When I then was back in contact with Myroidshop they promised to re-pack my order discreetly and send it to me again. But my package was still not delivered. Now Myroidshop argue that it is my fault and that I should have read their shipping rules. I think they should have sent the package with greater discretion. In this way, it would not be stuck in customs. So, I never again order anything from Myroidshop to Sweden.
Communication & Ordering process: No complains
Delivery & Packaging: Never got the package
Products Ordered: meds
Product results and effectivenes: no idea
1 out of 5 rating for MYROIDSHOP.COM Steroid Source Reviews

I ordered product and sent money via Western Union. The product never aarrived, correspondence with the site was unresponsive. This site is a total scam, if you send money you will receive no product. Come to find out tht many of the positive reviews written bout their site were in faact written by them and their associates. Avoid the myroid shop aat all costs. Not legit, they will steaal your money.
Communication & Ordering process: ll done on their website.
Delivery & Packaging: No product was ever delivered or even shipped.
Products Ordered: Tren E and Winstrol V
Product results and effectivenes: No product ever arrived or was even shipped to me.
1 out of 5 rating for MYROIDSHOP.COM Steroid Source Reviews

Poor customer service I still haven’t gotten a response as to whether the supplier received my funds in order for the in supplies to be shipped. I have written 3 tickets still no email response.....
Communication & Ordering process: Lack of communication/poor customer services
Delivery & Packaging: No confirmation
Products Ordered: No response
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