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N2BM Gear

5 out of 5 rating for N2BM Gear

This is a staple in my every day supplement regiment. It has super plasma serum too which makes it superior to other BCAA supps
5 out of 5 rating for N2BM Gear

I love this stuff. I like to take mine between meals to stay anabolic all day long. I really notice a difference in recovery when I'm taking it regularly.
5 out of 5 rating for N2BM Gear

GEAR. my lovely staple supplement. Been taking this for 2 years now and happily spend the $85 for the 2 bottles. These pills are bodybuilding lifesavers. Because lets face it, you cant ALWAYS eat 30-40g of protein 5-6 meals of the day. But if you pop just 2 of these babies a few times a day (with snacks or in between meals), then it basically turns a 10g protein snack into like 20g of protein through its aminogen enzyme, its BCAA's which promote protein synthesis, and the whey fractions (much more easily absorbed) and the mothership of protein transport SUPER PLASMA PROTEIN. Super plasma protein is blood serum protein, meaning its the proteins that are floating AROUND IN YOUR BLOOD being carried to your muscles. when you ingest this protein, your body immediately recognizes it as blood serum protein and immediatley pulls it into the blood, surpassing digestion! so it's quickest and most effective protein for your body. Definitely for anyone who wants to turn their body into a protein synthesizing machine.
5 out of 5 rating for N2BM Gear

I can't say enough about this company they have the best supplements on the market. This is a top quality supplement just like the rest of their products. I highly recommended
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