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n2guard and TUDCA worries


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I have been using n2guard for years before it was even a staple supplement, the problem is the new version that came out a year ago now has TUDCA which was not in the previous version. i am concerned how my body will react to it because the previous n2guard my body absolutely loved. felt great energy and it shaved points off my lipids. do i need to wory?
TUDCA was added to the formula some time ago, it is one of the best supplements out there and is naturall found in the body but many of us are deficient in it so supplementing it is highly advised. it is like installing plumbing in your house to flush away waste
TUDCA is perfectly safe and healthy. Keep in mind -- The great thing about N2GUARD is a state of the art supplement that is the absolute best thing for anyone own a cycle to take. It had every essential ingredient to help the enhanced athlete. But when TUDCA came along the studies were so good NTBM wished it could be added. So that's what they did! They actually re-formulated the supplement -- keeping everything that was already in it at the same dosages but adding TUDCA along with the active ingredient in LIV52. That gives N2GUARD a total and maximum combination of the very best liver protectants in ONE PRODUCT. When N2GUARD claims to be the best it isn't just some marketing hype. There really is nothing better.
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