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N2Slin: The truth about n2slin and it's formula.

What is N2 Slin?

N2 Slin is a nutrient partitioning agent and insulin modulator. What that means is that the product should help your body use most of the calories you eat to fuel muscle growth, while at the same time actually blocking them from entering the fat cells.
So this product aids in muscle growth while at the same time impedes the formation of fat.

Why do bodybuilders and athletes use N2 Slin?

Bodybuilders use N2 Slin as a safe way to maximize their own insulin an gain all of the benefits of insulin without injecting actual insulin.
Athletes that need to force their body to maximize nutrient usage for better training sessions, faster muscle cell repair and enhanced performance during competiton.
The way the product works is by using the insulin pathway that feeds the cells (both muscle and fat) and manipulating insulin to do our bidding. This is a very different approach that say something like steroids and ProHormones that build muscle via androgen receptor activation. When it comes to burning fat, N2 Slin is a very effective fat burner(non-stim) that works by blocking the insulin from feeding fat cells. While other fat burners work by making you less hungry by loading you up on stims and some will make you burn fat by raising your body temperature, N2 Slin has a very different approach to making your fat cells smaller… Insulin is the main culprit making the fat cells taking in nutrients from the bloodstream after each meal getting larger and larger - so blocking this action of insulin is of course very advantageous to anybody trying to get in shape.
N2 Slin will block the insulin pathway that puts on bodyfat and will in turn enhance the insulin action that shuttles nutrients into muscle cells, it builds muscle and burns fat and N2 Slin does both without side effects.

How do you take N2 Slin?

The product comes in green tablets and you have to take two tablets before each meal. If the meal is particularly heavy in carbs like a cheat meal then three tablets is in order, but you never need much more than that.
N2 Slin will never be suppressing your natural testosterone levels since it is not an androgen and builds muscle by nutrient shuttling rather than androgen response. As a fat burner N2 Slin also will not make you jittery or sweat up a storm since it does not use stimulants or thermogenesis to burn calories – it just blocks the calories from entering the fat cells to begin with.

What are the ingredients in N2 Slin?

Serving Size 2 tablets
Servings Per bottle: 60

Crape Myrtle Tannis……200mg
Gymnema Sylvestr……150mg
Green tea extract….100mg
Coleus forskohlii……40mg
Green Coffe Bean Extract…80mg

Bergenin monohydrate is part of the formula for 2 reasons.

1- It counteracts the lipogenic actions of your insulin. This is very useful when you want to stay lean, by preventing fat storage from insulin your body’s most powerful storage hormone.
2-Berginine can work to reduce the activity of an enzyme called protein tyrosine phospatase 1B (PTP1B). This will help prevent insulin spikes after meals, and instead help a more sustained release when mixed with Gymnema Sylvestra.

Crape myrtle
The Corosolic Acid in Crape Myrtle can stimulated glucose uptake with a similar induction timing and a on a dose-dependent response arc than is very similar to that of insulin. It helps with muscle recovery and nutrient uptake by the muscle cells.

Gymnema Sylvestra
Maximizes the production of insulin when the other ingredients are in the body in order to make sure berginine and crape myrtle can enact their actions effectively.

is a very powerful ingredient great at causing proper insulin release at just the right window of time, while at the same time lowering blood sugar levels during the rest of the day and allowing for much more stable blood glucose level readings.
This links contain info that points to 4-hydroxyisoleucine’s therapeutic potential, and its ability to increase insulin release based on the amount of glucose ingested.
This above article shows its health benefits, such as lowered cholesterol, while improving insulin response at times when its needed.

Green tea extract EGCG,
We know it does lower blood pressure, it will help fat break down into energy, and more importantly for the N2 Slin formula is that it lowers cortisol.
Cortisol our stress hormone has the job to increase fat storage, which is what we are trying to avoid when building the body of our dreams, and Cortisol is also Catabolic to muscle.

Coleus Forskholi
In this formula this ingredient is there to help increase the muscle cell’s uptake of nutrients by making the muscle cells more sensitive to stimuli from androgen hormones, like the steroids in your body.

Green coffee bean extract
(Cholinergic acid) this is the main ingredient we are looking for, Cholinergic acid is already clinically proven to get rid of visceral fat (fatty pockets in your intestines). Cholinergic acid also helps decrease the rate of gluconeogenesis, this is the process your body uses for turning non-carbohydrate foods, such as proteins(meats and protein powder), into sugar. That means your valuable protein broken down to mere glycogen that is sure to make you fat… N2 Slin contains a hefty dose to help lower gluconeogenesis throughout the day, so more of your protein stays intact to build muscle.

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Where to buy N2 Slin?
the beauty of need2slin is its versatility as it can be utilized with a bulk, recomp or cut... Another HUGE BENEFIT is that it can be used year round... it should be a staple all year for everyone to fully maximize muscle growth and insulin regulation which also stimulates fat loss... it is an amazing product and i urge everyone to implement it into their daily routine... this is one of those products that you use once and you never stop using again... once you see how effective it is, you will keep coming back for more...

I use it natty, with gh, with real slin, with everything there is. just post workout on cycle adds a lot

how is it better, it works better. you can tell when you take a large dose and consume a lot of fast acting sugars

you can feel it when you take a few caps and don't eat for 20min, body needing it, when you slam down X carb/sugar you feel it hit. its great....I stay leaner too
This is a great supplement that you can use anytime and can use during any cycle bulk recomp or cut
This sounds like a great supplement, awesome idea, now I have something I can stack with my steroids that will work like insulin.

absolutely bro, but need2slin is FAR safer and you can use it year round... once you try it, you will want to use it all year and the beauty of it is that you can and it is completely safe for you...
With n2slin you get the most out of every calorie you consume.Works well to help lose fat and also helps gaining muscle.Amazing product.
Just purchased a bottle, order number is 1420837079-808. Thank you n2bm, waiting patiently for order. :)

1) how long does shipping take?
2) before meal when do I take n2slin? time
Just purchased a bottle, order number is 1420837079-808. Thank you n2bm, waiting patiently for order. :)

1) how long does shipping take?
2) before meal when do I take n2slin? time

bro n2bm shipping is fast, about 4 days....
take n2slin 15-30min before meal bro...though i take right before meal when i forget....
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