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Need advice on dosage and cycle duration

you are not running this under any coach that knows how to use steroids with any sort of sensibility whatsoever.. these are not cycle coaches whatsoever... this is absolutely absurd top to bottom and literally some of the worst guidance and advice ive ever seen.. ive only been doing this nearly two decades now and have millions of people that ive coached, helped and that follow me so while i certainly do not think i know everything, i have a pretty good gras on it.. this is not any sort of "coach" whatsoever...
I am glad you said it because I was thinking it. The whole idea of test not "kicking in" until week 5 is crazy. It starts kicking in as soon as you take it. Sure, it takes 4 weeks or so to reach peak levels but you are getting benefits well before that. Just the way some of these "coaches" think and talk bothers me. I am glad OP found this forum so we can help him course correct.
Hi, so I have already run a cycle of 250 test e and 250 Deca for 8 weeks 6 months back. Now, I'm on my second cycle, I started with 500 mg test e and it took me around 5 weeks to kick in, on 7th week I added 200 mg Tren e, now 8 weeks have been completed but I can't see any drastic change in my physique, obviously I'm progressing but nowhere near to my desired physique.

I was just wondering a lot of people say that a 12 to 16 weeks cycle is enough but how is it possible to make a good physique with good amount of muscles in just a short span of time with the dosages I'm using. I'm just concerned about my goals, as nobody wants a decent physique after using steroids because see the test is going to shut down anyways and I'll obviously feel shit after the cycle and if I don't achieve what I want then It hurts really bad.

1. Should I increase the dosages?
2. Should I add any other compounds?
3. What should be the cycle length to gain a good amount of muscle? I planned to cycle around 6 months at least because some very experienced people told me that you're wasting your time if you think you can build good amount of muscles in just 16 weeks with low dosages.
4. Is it necessary to take HCG on cycle? some people say we should not use it on cycle and some says we should. Tren is highly suppressive that's the reason I added 250 iu HCG every 3 days.

I started at 67 kgs and current BW is 74. I want to look huge not very aesthetic but doesn't mean a fat ass as well. Taking 500 IU HCG as week as well from 8th week. I didn't face any sides yet except some minor acne on face, not sure if it is because of the cycle as I'm an acne prone person but yes started taking some Accutane as well so I hope this won't be a big issue. Would be great if someone on this forum have enough experience to clear all my doubts.
Bro this not a sprint. Takes yrs and yrs to build muscle. You not going to magazine cover overnight
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