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Need help for my 6th cycle

Hello thanks for your response but i’m not able to keep update with logs because of my job. I have to give 12 hours per day to my job after that i have to prepare my meals, gym and manage everything. So that could be difficult for me.
You're posting here so stop that and start a log. Takes the same amount of time.
Damn I didn't even catch that, thats disturbing, maybe underdosed gear? Or bad diet or maybe both? I know everyone responds differently with gear, I ran one cycle and put on 10lbs at low dose, how on earth did he only average 3lbs a cycle?
I averaged 3lbs off and 6lbs on per annum. That would equate to 36lbs here
welcome to the forum
i recommend you get a log up
you started young, this is true. and you could have gained 80% of that naturally with some patience this is also true
but from here you should be aiming for quality gains IMO

get a log going
Now what should i do ?
you should NOT be using steroids whatsoever.. i mean, you have already done severe damage if you have ran this many cycles at your age.. i would be getting off everything, running pct and checking bloodwork.. i would likely get on a test booster after pct as well but wait for your bloodwork to come back
bros A lot of the guys giving you a hard time they just care about you and want to help you
I don't see what the big deal is though you're 25 years old you can do what you want with your life
a log Journal is going to be huge here I really think you'll get a lot of benefits from doing it
I don't think it's a big deal for you to use steroids at 25 but it could be a problem that you started really young
how old were you when you first use steroids?
The sooner you start the more damage you could potentially make so it's important to get your blood work up with a log

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you made some nice progress from being skinny as a rail to being pretty decently muscular
however you can definitely get a lot further so that's why a log Journal is going to be huge
how much damage did you do? It depends I've seen people do a lot of damage in their early 20s and I've seen people who are completely fine
we can track your progression if you put up a log
what steroid source and brands were you using?
what steroids did you use? post up your entire cycle and what you did with pct. that will help with your log
Hello Everyone,

My current stats
Age - 25
Height - 5’11
Body weight - 78kg
BF - Approx 14-15%

I have used many compounds in past - test, tren, mast, eq, winny, sdrol, primo, anavar and sarms too.

Now i want to start my next cycle after 6 months of gap from gym. I lost my gains. I have started working out again from last 1 month. Now i’m planning to start cycle again after 2-3 weeks. I want to get approximately 10% of body fat at 78-80kg body weight. What kind of cycle you guys suggest me. I don’t want to use tren due to mental sides.

Any advice will be appreciated
Thanks in advance
YOU NEED SIZE..... diet gonna be key to get BF down but you need mass bro....CLean Bulk strait up.

Test 400mg weekly 12 weeks
npp 300mg weekly 100mg eod 12 weeks
anadrol or dbol 50mg ed for first 6 weeks
aromasin 12.5mg eod GO to for best gear on planet
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