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New female amateur prep compound help

Never said he is perfect.

He is well known to shred incredibly women in 12/16 weeks.

I dont think the talk is perfection. I prep girls all the time, but i never suggest such dangerous things to them.

letrozole recommendation for cellulite is plain dangerous like actual health danger
I am not a bodybuilder or a stage competitor so take my post with a grain of salt.

THAT SHIT IS FUCKED UP. I understand the desire and need to be lean, but at your height, what can you cut ? I doubt you have a solid muscular base and, at 30, you have your whole life ahead of you.

I see no balance, no fruits, no vegetables, barely any healthy fats, not enough calories. I am just asking as an observer : what is there to cut and what is the ultimate end goal ? PEDs aside, your diet alone will destroy your metabolism, your mental health and any drive to workout. It will stress the fuck out of your body.

I am in no way judging you or your situation, but please listen to what people are advising you to do here and do not blindly put your faith in the hand of someone 'with a good track record'.
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