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New guy and HGH questions


Newbie Brother
Hi guys- new to the forum and here's my intro before I start asking the inevitable noob questions.

I'm 30, family man and a nurse. Been lifting since I was 17, hit my prime in early 20's. Used supplements but never PEDs. After marriage and kids I got out of shape and had some health problems. Now at 30 I'm getting back in the game and been eating and lifting like I should. Showing slow gains but I have long road ahead. I'm 5'10, 260. My goal is around 200 and getting my shape back.

For a few years I've gotten my T checked. It's always been on the lower end, 400 last year and about 350 in January. I convinced my Dr to write me T gel. He figured giving me a boost may help me feel better and have more energy. So far I can feel a small difference and I'll be getting my T labs done next week.
So this brings me to my HGH question. I have a friend that is experienced in PEDs who used to cycle in his 20's, took a break for a while and had a few kids- now he's in his late 30's and back into it. He's in awesome shape. With my wife still unsure about a 3rd kid, I decided not to go the anabolic route. So he hooked me up with some HGH I just got in this week.
So- I'm super nervous about it. It's labeled as Chinese beauty product and I don't know if I can trust it. I'm not sure if I can post pics of it- is that allowed here?
I have a 3 month supply, ran me $700 w/water and shipping.

What do you guys think? I can post pics if I get the green light.

Thanks guys!
bro glad to have you in evo family...I'm sorry to tell you but 99% of china hgh is fake...same with very careful bro...
Ahhh man. I hope these pics maybe help. So bummed if fake. He swears by it, says its the same stuff he buys his brothers and he may switch to it soon as he's on pharm grade/ name brand soma and it's getting too expensive he says.

Here's the pics-




Ahhh man. This is crazy. The dude swears by it. He says it's made in CA but relabeled to be legit.
Welcome to the underground...

Ahhh man. This is crazy. The dude swears by it. He says it's made in CA but relabeled to be legit.
No need to waste the money, it's definitely without a doubt not hgh

I mean he could crop cash on mass specs.. Lol.. See where I'm going lol
U already have bought it. Just run it for a few weeks get a igf and gh serum tesr

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