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New in Australia


New member
Hi lads,

I'm relocation to aus from nz early January and i got a couple of questions re gear supply.

I've been on TRT + a few cycles for a few years now and I'll be needing some test as soon as I land as I'm not too keen on bringing some vials via plane. I'll be based in brisbane, is there any issue with ordering via any sponsor if not based in qld? Just wondering if it's easier/safer to pick a stateside supplier. Assuming all the sponsor are legit and safe which one should I go with?

For needles I used the needles exchange program in NZ. I saw you've got the same in aus but no online shop? Do you just show up at any participating location and ask for what you need? I see you can also buy from online pharmacy? Is it easier?

Thanks for your help
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