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Approved Log New Testosterone, Deca, Anavar Cycle Log

Thank God my wife helped with dinner. I was able to switch it up a bit tonight.

It's been a hell of a week at work so I've barley had time to get cardio and workout in before bed. I'm definitely pushing it to the max so all I've had time to do for food is boiled eggs, ground chicken and ground beef and roasted broccoli. I cooked it all Sunday and threw it in a big tub and I just weigh it out daily for my meals. Pretty much the same thing every day for almost 2 weeks. It was rough.

But tonight, my wife cut chicken brest into strips, dipped them in egg and breaded them with pork planko bread crumbs. It seamed like a damn cheat meal after this week. I had 12 oz for dinner that put me at 217 grams of protein today and I didn't hate every bite. Today was a good day.
@TM173 always good to have the wife help :)

looks good very nice meals

Ok. Gonna start trying to log my workouts.

Today Chest

Started with 45 min brisk walk on the treadmill with an incline. I shoot for 135 heart rate. then about a 15 min jog.

Weighted dips (with tempo, slow and controlled with pause at the bottom)
5 sets to failure with a 35lb weight. Failing between 8-12 reps each time.

Incline bench (30° incline)
160lbs 5 sets to failure Failing between 10-12 reps.

Close grip dumbbell chest press
Two 40lb dumbbells (tempo, slow and controlled, focused on pushing them together) 4 sets to failure around 12 reps.

4 Super set resistance band chest Flys/ over head cable tricep extension with 20lbs and 5lb resistance band to failure (one arm at a time)

Triceps cable push downs 4 sets to failure, 20lbs and 5lb resistance band (this was higher reps lower weight because I was about spent)

Tomorrow, legs.
good training day i like that, the close grip can go higher volume imo

Breakfast, 3 eggs and 8 osz of chicken brest.
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perfect protein meal, stay there

did you add psyllium husk + probiotics to diet?
make sure you're eating clean the chicken should be clean and not breaded
@TM173 always good to have the wife help :)

looks good very nice meals

good training day i like that, the close grip can go higher volume imo

perfect protein meal, stay there

did you add psyllium husk + probiotics to diet?
I try to eat broccoli regularly and I eat a little bit of sauerkraut just about every day. No fiber supplements though.
Thursday (yesterday)
Legs day

4:30am cardio 15 min jog and 30min brisk walk on incline

2 very slow pull-ups (that's all I could squeeze out)

25 push ups
25 sit ups.
I did all that just to try to get my metabolism going for the day and keep breakfast from raising insulin at all

After 11+ hours of work I had 9000 steps in for the day

Leg workout was going to include more but I failed. Ran out of gas. I pushed out just what I could which was

Squats 205lbs 6×12
20 min treadmill walk on incline.

I was disappointed

Today will be shoulders, arms & core, I'm gonna dile back on cardio to try to get more outta my lift.
Breakfast was 9oz of chicken brest.
Post workout lunch is 3oz of ground chicken cooked and drained, 4 scrambled eggs (from my own chickens) 1/2 cup of rice cooked in bone broth and frozen over night and 2 table spoons of primal kitchen tomato sauce.

Shoulder day

6×12 DB seated shoulder press with 70lb DBs

Super sets 5x12 side cable delt Flys and front cable delt Flys wit 12lbs of weight and 15lb resistance band

Super set chest supported rear delt Flys with 15lb DBs 5x15 and trap raises 5x25 with two 45lb plate weights.

Incline curls 5x15 with 15lbs DBs (I'm trying to pick up more DBs this weekend)

Spider curls 5x15 with 15lb DBs

Hanging leg raises 3x20 (I do 5 on each side and 10 straight up the middle)

Also, I thought this was cool. Tried to get a good picture but this was the best I could do. Pic doesn't show it that great

I wasn't hot enough during my workout to really sweat. But the muscles that I was working felt hot to the touch and started sweating only in the area I was working them. I've never seen this before. It was like one of those frogs that ooze that oil out of there back lol. I has sweat oozing out of my delts and traps only like squeezing it out of a sponge. The rest of my body was completely dry. Anyway, it was a first for me and I thought it was interesting.

a nice job on that shoulder day
that's smart you worked your core
your body is just trying to cool itself down it's pretty normal
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