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New to Evolution


Newbie Brother
Hi everyone, new to this forum looks straight up. Just want to chime in, need to get posts up
Welcome to Evo !
You can start with your Stats, and what Type of Training/Fitness you're into.................................. JP
Seems legitimate community. :) The flood of forum babbys begins! P.s. cN I post nudes of my gf to increase p.c. ha
I'm 42 I don't use a scale I go by the mirror I'm 5'11" don't know my body fat % I did a cut cycle for the holidays I don't put on a lot of fat just blurt the abs. As a teen me & my buddy's would get the spring fever & summers coming we got to workout deal we never were consistent. I got back into lifting when I was around 27 got a bench & over the years slowly adding plates & bars to my home gym, did the home workouts for about 10 yrs then i finally joined a gym with the big boys & I've advanced in my training learning my body & my nutrition for the last 7yrs. I body build train the muscle not the weight.I finally joined the dark side Ive done 5 cycles & wish I would've started sooner. I love my new lifestyle now I tell you if I would've known I would have 90 cycles under my belt by now(just saying) I lift in the morning go too work then home then repeat you know The Life ha ha.
I'm new to Evo, 24 years old, and starting my first cycle in a couple weeks. The dark side! Lol

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