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New to Gear (help! and suggestions)


New member
Hey everyone! As a potential first time user, I stumbled upon this forum and would greatly appreciate your help and insight. To be honest I am completely lost when it comes to steroids and the many various forms they can come in. Wanting to start with gear, I currently struggle with finding a source and the fear of messing up/having someone help with injections (oral forms such as Dbol tabs would be preferred if they are effective). As a complete idiot when it comes to the use of steroids, whatever recommendations, balancing medications (to stop hormones messing me up, liver blockers etc) would honestly be very greatly appreciated. If injecting is the best route, guidance on how to do so properly would also help so much.

I live in Sydney/Australia and I am currently 18 years old (yes I know I am young to be wanting to use, but help would be greatly considered as I would rather be informed and use, than have no information and damage myself severely.) Before gym (started 2 years ago) I was, and still am an ectomorph when it comes to physique. My current build would look something like this (right side).

Personally I would like to transform my physique from my current state to something like this. (3 reference pics) lean_1.jpg 3832584_f260.jpg tony_litton_1-Copy.jpg Although I believe I could eventually achieve this naturally (many years), I would like to see your thoughts on how long it would take with different types of gear and whatever diet plan would go with the choice. I currently use whey protein and c4 pre-workout (contains things like Alanine and Creatine).

My current body are:
185cm tall - 6ft 1
76kg - 165lbs
10% body fat

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this! I will check the thread regularly and I am quite open for discussion :)
- Regards, Ryan
Sorry! Forgot to include this is my main post. I have indeed read up on Post Cycle Therapy, though could always use more tips from those that are experienced!
They are probably going to tell you that you can still gain way more ... I am 5'10 and 170 .. they told me I could get some more pounds in without any AAS and that you are young ... but we will see what they think about it
Thanks for the response man! Of course I don't want to start straight away with heavy stuff, but would like to try a test cycle or a light cycle. I know I can gain more, but the lazy side of me would like to cut 2 or so years of lifting off to get the gains I want :). How long have you used for?
Your still young man and doing well.. Keep that up and put in some more work, you'll get there. But AAS at 18 isn't the most advisable choice..
I just started a test cycle 3 days ago and I pushed it early to perform better at my sport .. and did a 8 week var cycle before but I would not recommend doing AAS .. in the best world I should of wait until I weight 185 to start my test cycle and I am 25 !!

Listen to PK2
To zxrainxz:
You still have a quite a few years to go before I would recommend any AAS.
You're at that Age when your Natty Test is just starting to Peak.
Why would you want to Not take Advantage of it.

Also and More Importantly, you Risk Long Term Damage to your Endocrine System by doing AAS before your Mid-20's.
If you don't believe me, just Google it, there's Pages of Studies on this very Topic.................................... JP
Thanks for the quick reply :) Of course I want to take advantage of it. I don't intend to use gear for years, or stack ridiculous amounts, though it is something I honestly would like to try. After achieving my body goals (my gain goals aren't humongous, so I'd say months to a year?), I'd slowly stop using after the next 2-3 cycles -> PTC. I definitely heed your advice, however I seem to have made up my mind already.

Regardless of what decision I choose to make, would you be willing to give me some experience/information so I don't run headfirst in, making unnecessary mistakes?
Thanks so much! Though putting on bulk has been one of my all time goals, which I believe could be fastened by AAS in a brief period, before going back to natty and maintaining it :)
Thank you :) From starting two years ago I have indeed made progress (proper diet and training schedules), though the accumulation of muscle mass for me genetically takes a ludicrous amount of time. I don't plan on staying on AAS for an extended amount of time, only to gain 10kg (22lbs) or so of muscle mass and maintain/go back to slowly increase again. I do take your feedback in mind, however if you could also give me some pointers if I do in fact choose to take the route of AAS it would be greatly appreciated. :)
That your life ... if you really wanna try some AAS .. I would start looking all around the forum to find out a good cycle for you first cycle and make SURE the guys on here will support you for it !
Have you looked at sarms triple stack?
Sarms are a good option before AAS. Check it out. Shit I'm sure gearhead is about to be all over your shit and giving you some awesome sarms advice.
Thanks for the insight dude! I heard SARMS was mainly for cutting though? That is pretty much the last thing i want to do haha :p
Thanks for the insight dude! I heard SARMS was mainly for cutting though? That is pretty much the last thing i want to do haha :p

Its gonna depend on you diet and training. Look into ostarine specifically.
Ryan, great questions. Great goals. I am 54... been around the sport a looooong time. Been around gear a long time. I know you might not like this coming from an older dude but you are too young to hit a cycle of AAS. I was in my late 20s and had already done three regional BB contests before I did any gear. So much more you can accomplish with the high levels of hormones already coursing through your veins. I would plan a two year map of things you want to accomplish... work those goals and track my progress... to include a serious obsessive diet and nutrition plan. You will be amazed... and when you do hit gear you will be mentally and physically ready to learn and track progress, plan cycles, monitor blood work, etc.

Just my two cents brother.
Thanks man :) send you an email! How long do you think it would take to get from point A-B natty (Don't know if possible for an ectomorph) vs Geared?
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