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New Years Resolutions...


Anyone have some?

Mine are on a more personal level. I want to be a better person. I want to curb my anger more often than I do. I want to always make sure my kids know they're loved and focus even more on my family and what's important.
Anger management is on there every year for me lol. But mine is to stay committed to my cut starting the first week of new years. I always talk about getting visible abs, but never achieved it.
1. 260-265lb with current BF (decent top 4 abs) or leaner by year end
2. Reduce debt/sell off some assets
Total over 1500 in my powerlifting meet in April in the 198 weight class.
Great thread idea, Mel!

I didn't make any specific resolutions, this year, but at the top of the list is being the man I've always wanted to be, including being a better Christian.

I'm also looking to pinpoint my medical issue(s) so I can get back on track and shed the fat that got tacked on and just be in better overall health.

There are a ton of little things, too, but those are the most important.
My gym has thinned out a little so I think some of the people at my gym have given up already. Nothing surprising. Same same every year :whistling::001_smile:
Build our house!
This year, I'd want to enroll in a proper yoga studio. I've always wanted to try it to build flexibility and strengthen my core, at the same time still going to the gym.
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