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Newbie - Test Stack

Hi All

Just wanted to get feedback on Test stacking cycle. My stats - Have been training since 16 and I am 46 now at 196Lbs. I have done test and deca cycles about 10 years ago. Current day I am on TRT (have bloodwork done and a doctor with prescription) and have been for the past 5 plus years. Dosage is very small currently at 100mg a week. Also running HCG and 7.5mg t3 daily along with dhea as well. I have had good results and am not looking to get huge. Expectations for cycle is lean muscle mass - also since Covid been working at home and have put on some fat around my mid-section. So I was thinking of doing something like increasing my test and adding either Anavar or Primo but hear it's hard to get real primo henc ethe anavar.

Test I was looking to increase to 250mg per week for 2 weeks then 500mg for 6 weeks so total 8 weeks and then back down to my normal TRT dosage of 100mg per week. Can I please get some recommendations on what to stack it with? If I can gain some lean muscle mass and also remove/trim down the midsection that would be ideal.

Thanks all in advance and please let me know if you need more info
just go 500mg for 8 weeks bro
that is too low a dose of T3. won't do anything for you
is that what the doctor puts you on?
Your thyroid produces probably 25 to 50 micrograms a day equivalent
we definitely want to see you log this it has the makings of an exciting log
anavar and test is a good stack sure
make sure you using n2guard
and make sure you log this sucker for us

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you seem to be open to getting some help from people
that is a good thing
next up is a log Journal where we can help you step by step
please log your journey because there is nothing like being a newbie and using steroids
you can end up screwing things up or you can end up with the best cycle of your life
we have hundreds of years of experience between all of us on here
now is the time to get a log Journal going check out the other ones that are up and how successful they've been
i agree with logging
I was able to do a log as well and was able to earn my Pro card thanks to everyone's help
make sure you get all your pictures up and check in Daily
sounds like the guys above gave you good advice
I've got always gotten the best results from anavar 50 milligrams a day
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