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Hey all, made my account just to leave this review for Nordic Fusion. So far I have tried their Test-E and their Letrozole.

I had switched over from another Canadian UGL that I was buying locally and using the same doses but now seeing remarkable changes in my physique and the way I feel.

Planning to try Nordic Fusion Test-C and Deca for my next little run.

Customer service was awesome, as was the quality of the product I have tried so far.

I would definitely recommend this lab.

The product quality is top notch. I tried the Anomass mix and it was excellent. Customer service is great - Overall I definitely recommend.
I have tried numerous other labs and Nordic Fusion is my favourite.
Fast shipping, excellent customer service and the best product around.
They are always around to answer any questions I have, and they have really fair pricing also.
Can’t wait to make another order :)
Found Nordic Fusion after the whole mess with Pareto, and them stealing money.
I have to say, it’s been a great experience. First of all, the products are spot on. Currently running Nordic Test E and NPP. I’m up from 238 to 256 and it’s been solid gains. Definitely doing its job. I have some of their Tren Ace to run soon, and my expectations are now high!
Secondly, I have to say, the customer service is way beyond what I expected.
Very accommodating, quick to respond, quick to arrive, and now after having a few orders successfully completed, I don’t even worry if a tracking number gets to me in time. I know it’s coming.
Overall, just a very good experience with these guys.
Nordic Fusion is the the only source I’ll ever use again. I found them after using Pareto and them stealing my money. Nordic Fusion has had amazing customer service, very well priced, and the products yield great results. Currently running Test E and EQ this off-season and the results have been amazing.

Thank you
First time poster here just wanting to spread the word about Nordic Fusion. His communication has been prompt and shipping was lighting fast. The actual products are working better than expected and would rate them a notch above Pareto and Syn in-terms of quality. I have absolutely no complaints about Nordic and have already used them a couple of times and will continue to do so into the future.
First time poster and customer. Just got intouch on email. I cant wait and will update with regards to the product and overall services.

First time poster and customer. Just got intouch on email. I cant wait and will update with regards to the product and overall services.


Ordered my first cycle last Thursday, and I got it on a Monday.
Guys are great with communication and the delivery time is amazing. Appreciate the work you do guys.
If youre from Canada this is your best bet
Hey guys,

Ordered from NF a couple weeks ago and was very satisfied with customer communication and super fast delivery time.Packaging is pretty slick too. I'm in the middle of things right now and haven't had a chance to start things but any and all future purchases will be from NF.
Canuck brothers need not to look anywhere else. Thanks NF!
Switched to Nordic from another well trusted Canadian domestic, and Nordic has been awesome so far. Bridged primo from the other brand to Nordic and the results were great. No PIP either.
Customer service has been fast and reliable and the prices are good. Had an issue with my order (Canada Post’s fault), and Nordic was more than willing to help me get it worked out.

Would definitely recommend.
I have ordered NF 4 times I’m very impressed with the quick response and delivery time. The product is very good and I’m noticing strength and muscle increase everyday. I highly recommend NF to anyone wanting legit gear.
Just switched to this Lab, and I am very impressed with the personalized customer service and speedy delivery. I bought some of their 200mg/ml Primo, and it is very smooth. I will post back in a few weeks to update how the primo is performing. A close buddy of my raves about this Lab, so I'm excited to see the results!
I have made two orders and I only have good things to say about Nordic Fusion. The service it provides is essential for me and it’s difficult to find a good reliable source these days. Communication is excellent, shipping is lightning fast and the products are top notch. They’re gonna be my main source from now on.
Have ordered from Nordic a couple times. Always fast replies and only 3 or 4 days for delivery. The test e seemed to work very well. Also ordered the Cialis and it is just as good as the stuff I get from the pharmacy. Definitely recommend them and will continue to use them.
Ordered for the first time from Nordic. Extremely professional ordering process and communication. Very fast turnaround. Zero concerns with Nordic and will be using them again.
I ordered Nordic Fusion for my current cycle. Communication and speed of delivery were second to none. Been running it for a week now, basically PIP free. It's early yet to properly review their stuff but my weight is up and I set new PRs at the gym yesterday, so far it's looking like this is the best source I've ever used.

I'll drop an update in a couple weeks when it's had time to do it's thing.
I did a 16 week SARM cycle with Nordic Labs products. TLDR: I gained 31lbs while losing 1% of my body fat and dramatically increasing my cardio.

I did:
Week 1-8
rad 140
Week 4-12
Nutrobol (MK677)
Week 8-16

* Everything listed was 1 bottle spread out over the specified time frame.

It was a steady 2lb/week gain throughout. I was surprised by how effective the SARMs were. My biggest surprise was my cardio increase. I went from struggling to play a few minutes of sports to playing a full hour without an issue. I liked how the weight increase was dry weight. I didn't blow up with water. Despite gaining that weight my vertical jump improved and I feel lighter on my feet.

As always the Nordic Fusion customer service has been top notch. Next time I'm going past SARMs to the true dark side.
Fantastic Canadian domestic source.

Pretty much the most professional customer service I've experienced, better than most businesses in general to be honest. Quick replies and quick shipping. Don't hesitate to give this lab a try! A far cry from some of the rude labs and agents in the scene ( not gonna name names but yall know what's up )

The Test, Dbol, Cialis, Arim, Anomass all G2G-

Have been trying Anomass on top of a test base and the EQ has my cardio going at it's best ever ! Barely getting tired after long strength and conditioning sessions, coach is definitely getting suspicious !

Just started out 3iu of Protropin and I'm sleeping like a baby, deep REM sleep all through the night not waking up until my alarm goes off- Helping a lot with work and training !
Switched to Nordic Fusion from another UGL and have nothing but great things to say.

Communication is on point and they take privacy and security extremely seriously. Responses to questions and orders are answered promptly and their product is top notch.

The Deca, var and cialis were all on point. Noticeable increases in size and strength.

Pretty much the most professional customer service I've had from any lab. My new go to.
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