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Normal to feel lethargy on cycle?

Hi guys I am currently doing a cycle of dianbol 20mgs a day, test E 750mgs a week and tren 300-350mgs per week
first off do you think these are decent dosages or am I overdosing things?
second off my main complaint is that I am getting a lot of lethargy although the results are quite good. I don't get tired at the gym it's just that in the morning or after I come home is when the lethargy kicks in. my sleep is pretty good I'm gaining about six or seven hours at night consistent
I'm around 14% body fat 95 kg and tall.
is this normal and what can I do to fix it?

you are taking TREN did you do any research??? ofcourse you feel lethargic drop the test dose way back and the tren dose both way too high....75mg eod with tren and test at 300mg weekly
Makes complete sense with what you are running and at those doses. Not to mention you are probably eating more and training harder. If you want to keep sides at a minimum, run mild to moderate cycles of steroids or SARMs.
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