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NY Sale 20% OFF + Free $5000 Giveaway (50 x Free Products) - AusPharmacy

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Recieved my Provron today, packaged super well 🙂 will be starting this coming Monday, thank you once again, will provide hownit goes shortly


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Mine got sent yesterday morning and it was in my mailbox before lunch today. Super fast shipping. Will put a review once I give it a go on your review thread. Thank you again!!


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Happy new years to all of you hardworking and motivated people!

I hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday period! We are back in 2024 and we are starting the new years off right with 20% off Store Wide!

20% OFF Storewide! Items marked down already!
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Any Questions please email Zac:
[email protected]

Shop online - 20% OFF:

Some of the deals:
Sci-Pharma Tren E - $76
Sci-Pharma Test E - $68
Sci-Pharma Sus250 - $68
Sci-Pharma Test400 - $88

Ends 14/1/24

AusPharmacy - $5000 Give Away!

I have decided to start 2024 with a bang and as we have excess stock of some of our Ryzen Orals, I'm giving away 50 units to 50 of the Evo community members including free postage. Australia Only!

Products you can choose from ($100 value each + free postage):

Ryzen Pharmaceuticals Dianabol 50mg/ml x 20ml
Ryzen Pharmaceuticals Anadrol 50mg/ml x 20ml
Ryzen Pharmaceuticals Proviron 50mg/ml x 20ml

How to claim:
1. Reply to this thread (First 50 only)
2. Once we have the 50 lucky users we will dm you further instructions and get the products sent out asap.

All I'm asking in return is an honest review of the products on our review thread here once you have received and used the product.

Why am I doing this?
I'd love for more of you to try our products and if you enjoy it potentially try other products from us in the future.

I will post further instructions once we have the 50 members.

We will be running similar giveaway on Aus-SF forum, please only 1 product per person/address and please don't make more accounts to claim. Thank you

Cheers Zac
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