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Old Ozpharmlabs gear


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Hey brothers I’m not very active on this forum I only signed up when HOG got shut down, I’ve got few bits and pieces from OZ when he first opened up shop on House Of Gains (HOG). Would like to sell as I have too big of a personal stash and the missus wants me to fuck some off. I’ll post pics and list what I’ve got.
I have as follows (if someone could me with posting pics would be good too)
Ozpharmlabs Test C 200mg x1
Ozparmlabs Deca 250mg x3
Ozpharmlabs Primo 100mg x1
Nexnos Test E 300mg x4
Nexnos Mast E 200mg x1
Zloxs pharma Anavar 20mg 100 tablets (1box)
Nexnos HCG kit 20,000 IU

I won’t sell until a moderator gives me the all clear. I’m looking for $1500 for the lot. Cheers.
I’ll be happy with a nearest offer scenario, I can’t discount much I’d probably go down to 1200 including postage. I’m not sure about the rules I’m waiting to hear back. We sell old stock on bsboard but they won’t let us sell other vendors gear from other forums on there.
If anyone wants it contact me through wickr: jerrymeguire73 I’ll send photos I’m not trying to scam anyone I’ll just be happy to get something for it instead of it going to waste. Apologies for not being able to post photos on here.
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